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Japanese Fastener News

MATSUBISHI Renovates an Auto-pickling Plant 
MATSUBISHI METAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (Tokyo) has renovated an Auto-pickling plant in Kimitsu (Chiba) early in February. With a Vibration method in a sealed vat, the quality of wires for Cold heading has been significantly increased. They invested 1 billion Yen and eight months. This is the only plant of NIPPON STEEL group in Eastern Japan. “Our biggest goal is excellence. With wires produced by us, customers never experience any troubles in quality,” commented Masao Akamatsu, President of MATSUBISHI METAL INDUSTRY CO., LTD. “Stabilization of supply is also the aim. Because Kimitsu plant treats a wide range of wires such as for architectural hardware besides for automotive parts, supplement would be more flexible by a variety and quantity.” 
NITTOSEIKO Aims Automotive Demand This Year
NITTOSEIKO CO., LTD. (KYOYO) expect that they can expand fastener’s deal by automotive and gaming device’s industries. Also, they anticipate gaining more sales from automatic assembly machines. Last year, by their fastener division was severe, reported profit declines because of camera and gaming device’s industries slowing down. Increasing in the price of steel had a bad effect too. But this year, they are expecting that they can regain deals for automotive, by receiving an order of AKROSE- multi-material fasteners, operating of PT. NITTO ALAM INDONESIA.’s second factory and gaming device’s demand that expected to revive in this year. And NITTOSEIKO expects more sales on SR565Yθ-Z-VR, the Vison-Guided Screw Driving Robot, and SD600T series, AC Servo Screw Driving motor with Torque Sensor. NITTOSEIKO estimates 2019’s Consolidated sales at JPY 35 billion and Ordinary Income at JPY 3,250 million. 
YAMASHINA Gets License of EVO PT® from EJOT
YAMASHINA CORPORATION (Kyoto), a manufacturer of fasteners for automotive and industrial machines, has contracted with EJOT GmbH & Co. KG (NRW, Germany) to product EVO PT® self-tapping fasteners for plastic under the license in March 12. EVO PT® has brand-new screw thread, which reduces permanent set in fatigue caused by frictional heat and keeps installation torque lower. Under the licence and trademark, YAMASHINA will put EVO PT® on the market by the end of this year. Their goal is to sell 30 million in 2025. 
FIJ Visits Germany and Holds Meeting with DSV in This Autumn
At the meeting held in March 14, Directors of The Fasteners Institute of Japan (FIJ) have decided to visit Germany to meet directors of Deutscher Schraubenverband e. V. (DSV) in the September or October 2019, to talk about the “Japan-Germany International Conference”. DSV proposed several agendas; standardization, R&D, sophisticated cold-formed parts, new materials and ultra-high-strength fasteners, EV&FCV and Fastener Educational Program. FIJ will give priority to standardization and Fastener Educational Program, and discuss with. Since October 2015, FIJ and DSV have been working together, proposed by Dr. Stefan Beyer, General Manager of DSV. In September 2016, directors of FIJ toured Germany and visited several manufacturers and Technical University of Darmstadt. The first exchange meeting was implemented in October 2017, DSV’s delegation visited a steel mill, a car factory and a fastener manufacturer. On the other hand, directors also decided to quit “Five Regions Fastener Association Conference” that day, as Korean Federation of Fasteners Industry Cooperatives (KFFIC) and Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute (TIFI) already did.
Tokyo Byora Koki Invests in Die’s Auto Producing by 2030
Tokyo Byora Koki Co., Ltd. (Saitama), known as a “Tokyo ACE” die, will invest in Niiza Factory and set the goal of automatic producing of a die by 2030. Niiza factory had been established in March 2009. And since 2011, the have been producing “Tokyo ACE” die 600~700 per 1 month. By the latest facility, knowledge and skill, they can product twice by direct carving as much as other processes, and process 3 micro meters the smallest. Tokyo Byora Koki will invest in AI and robot facilities both electric discharge processing and direct carving. “The conversion to EV will be the chance for us, because the demand of precision parts will be increased.” Commented Hisamitsu Komi, President of Tokyo Byora Koki. “We would like to make various tests and realize the total labour-saving.
YAMASHINA Acquires YAMAZOE Manufacturing
YAMASHINA CORPORATION (Kyoto) has acquired YAMAZOE Manufacturing (Saitama). The acquisition closed April 25, and took over 100% of the stock. “We acquired because we wanted to cooperate for expanding sales and developing with YAMAZOE, as a manufacturer of special and small-lot parts, with a variety of technologies such as machining and stamping,” commented Naoki Hori, President of YAMASHINA CORPORATION. “We will make an effort to develop specialized functional fasteners, such as lightweight ones, and their own technology shall help us to develop new products that users wanted. Also, they have the knowledge and skill required for machines of forming. We would like to teach with each other, and expand our own technical skill”. 
By Shun Otsuki
President § Editor in Chief
KINSAN Fastener News,