China Steel Corporation's report.
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China Steel Corp.. (CSC). Taiwanese Steel Production Giant Marks Up the Steel Prices

According to a report published in Taipei Times, the Taiwanese giant steelmaker CSC (China Steel Corporation) has announced that it will raise its prices in the next quarter to reflect rising costs.
  The prices of hot-rolled sheet and rolls are rising to USD 490 per ton, and of cold rolled sheet and coils to USD 300 per ton. The company also announced that it will increase the price of electro-galvanized sheet prices to USD 300 per ton, of electric sheets to USD 300 per ton, and hot dip galvanized steel sheets to USD 350 per ton. 
  The CSC, on the other hand, added that to support the country's low-profile domestic producers in their export competitiveness they would not increase their prices for steel bar and steel-plate that appeal to that customer group.
  Stating that the world's steel market experienced a recovery after hitting the bottom, CSC emphasized that the largest US steelmakers, the Luxembourg-based giant steel producer Arcelor Mittal, Baoshan Iron & Steel Corporation, Wuhan Iron & Steel Corporation, and Angang Steel Corporation of People's Republic of China have also gone for a price increase at the beginning of the year. 
  "In general, seasonal factors and the fact that the mining accident in Brazil increased the cost of coal and iron ore used in steel production have increased steel prices above the line to over USD 50 per ton.”