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Aluminum Giant Rusal to Start Production in the USA

Russia-based Rusal, one of the aluminum giants of the world and Braidy Industries companies in the US to establish a joint aluminum plant in the US. Rusal officials said in a statement that the new plant to produce flat products in order to meet the needs of the American automotive industry.
The company Rusal, which was removed from the US sanctions list three months ago, wants to penetrate the US, one of the largest aluminum markets in the world. Rusal, after the lifting of sanctions, has already started to supply aluminum to the US.
In the statement made by Rusal officials, it was stated that in the rolling mill on which they will partner with Braidy Industries they would produce flat aluminum products to meet the needs of American automotive industry.
The partnership agreement, which is expected to be signed in July, will include shares of 40 percent of Rusal and 60 percent of Braidy.
The factory, which will be located in Ashland, Kentucky, has an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons of hot rolled and 300,000 tons of cold rolled products.
It is stated that raw material and billet aluminum materials to be processed in US facilities will be supplied from Rusal's Siberian Taishet facility, which is still under construction. It was announced that Taishet facility, which was said to be operational in 2020, to start operations before that date.
On the other hand, the American company Braidy said in a statement, the new plant in Kentucky to be named as Atlas, will be in accordance with the environmental standards.
The investment to be made by Rusal in the US would be USD 200 million. The plant is expected to produce a total of 2 million tons of low-carbon aluminum products over a decade and generate approximately USD 500 million in revenue per year. 
Source: Reuters