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Steel Exporters’ Association (ÇİB) Hosts a Reception in Stuttgart

Steel Exporters' Association (ÇİB) held a reception in Germany simultaneously with Fastener Fair Stuttgart. Companies showed great interest in the private reception for Turkish fastener companies participating in the exhibition.
Mr. Mustafa TECDELİOĞLU, Chairman of BESİAD, Fasteners Industrialists and Business People's Association, and board member of Steel Exporters Association in his speech at the reception said that Turkey have risen to the status of the third largest producer country in Europe after Germany and Italy,  increased the value of our exports to 472 million dollars in the last year, and reached the volume of 135 thousand tons. Stating that Turkey is exporting to 178 countries and 70 percent of this is done to the European Union, Mr. TECDELİOĞLU said that Turkish companies exported mainly to Germany, and Germany is the second largest importer of fasteners in the world after the USA.
Speaking at the reception Mr. Mehmet Ali ÇOLAKOĞLU, Commercial Attaché at Turkey's Stuttgart General Consulate, voiced the hardships Turkish companies experience with the visa and forming a company in Germany, the effects of the political issues between Germany and Turkey on our industrialists, and reflections of domestic politics on the Turkish image in Europe.