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Fasteners for load-bearing timber applications

REYHER has extended its range of fasteners for load-bearing timber applications ready for immediate delivery. The range comprises a variety of wood and chipboard screws with lubricant coatings and CE markings in line with ETA-12/0276 and DIN EN 14592. In addition there are numerous other fasteners and fixing technology. The wholesaler is now able to meet almost every need for timber construction.
Whether it is the roof truss for a residential building or climbing frame for an adventure playground. The load-bearing timber applications provide fasteners to meet special needs involving good handling and safety. 
Wood screws from the REYHER range are available counter-sunk or round-headed and provide considerable advantages during assembly. The countersunk slit and the thread to the tip of the screw make for easy centring and the end mill cutter for lower screw-in resistance. This removes the need for pre-drilling. The effective lubricant coating enables lower tightening torque. Milling ribs and countersunk head avoid splinters when screwing.
Chipboard screws with CE markings in line with DIN EN 14592 and in a variety of designs and dimensions are also in the portfolio. Facade, terrace and spengler screws as well as a variety of wood fasteners complete the range. Customers can profit from a daily fill-rate of over 99 percent.