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Nd Microspheres® Acrylic

ND Microspheres Acrylic Series contains a microencapsulated activator that is suspended in a quick curing waterborne resin.  The shearing forces caused by engagement with a mating part releases the activator and allow it to mix with the resin. The resulting chemical reaction rapidly bonds the surfaces, locking the parts together and sealing leak paths. ND Microspheres Acrylic Series offers consistent and predictable torque values and requires no heat or primers for curing.
Unaffected By Automotive Fluids: ND Microspheres Acrylic Series resists and seals against most automotive fluids.  Oil, water, antifreeze, and gasoline have virtually no effect on ND Microspheres Acrylic Series once the final cure has been achieved.
Variety of Strengths, Colors, & Viscosities: ND Microspheres Acrylic Series is available in a variety of colors for easy part inspection and in different strengths to fit the desired application. 
Fast Fixture Times: Under typical conditions fixture is achieved within 5 minutes. 
High Temperature & Torque Sensitive Formulas: ND also manufactures formulations of ND Microspheres Acrylic Series that are specifically intended for use in high temperature or torque/tension sensitive applications. 
Saves Money: ND Microspheres Acrylic Series thread adhesives are less expensive than applying bottled threadlocking compounds at the point of assembly.
Suitable for Production Coating: Each formula of the ND Microspheres Acrylic Series family is available in viscosities suitable for use on a broad range of production coating equipment. 
Minimal Clean-up Requirements: Clean-up is a simple process that requires only soap and water.