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3D printing – the essential element in modern industry development

From 15 to 18 April, the technology will be among the highlights of the international exhibition MachTech&InnoTech Expo 2019 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
The industry of 21st c. is very different from that organism known at the beginning of last century. Most processes are now automated, and robotization is a fact in many production stages. Integrating high technologies guarantees bigger production, high quality and construction of new economic niches to fill. However, this high-tech ecosystem would not be complete without… 3D printing.
If at the very beginning of 21st c. 3D technologies were rarely used in production, today they are “in full gear.” And it is these technologies that will be among the highlights of MachTech&InnoTech Expo 2019 – the international exhibition for metal processing and industrial technologies. From 15 to 18 April, it will take place in four of Inter Expo Center exhibition halls, on an area of more than 10,000 square meters. Over 190 participants will present their innovative products and services among which visitors will find an impressive variety of 3D printers and auxiliary equipment, software and technologies.
Technical novelties in industrial robotization
Elimination of human error is one of the specifics of “ROBOT” – the welding extruder and 3D printing from Hertz Bulgaria. The smart machine can be connected to 3 to 5-6-axis system, uses plastic welding wire, 3D printing thread or granulate. The technology provides fast simultaneous production of a whole series of identical items, flawless and continuous welding seam, large 3D printing area and productivity of up to 0.8 kg/hour. “The production process is under strict control and adaptive to specific customer requests,” experts state.
Among the next-generation solutions is the RI1 - 3D printer from RAST 3D. It runs with FDM technology. Its features provide the opportunity to use it effectively for both prototyping and for constructing end products. Printing speed reaches up to 450mm/s. Its working area is 360mm x 360mm x 400mm.
Adaptive and precise. This is the powerful industrial 3D printer 3D INDUSTRY F340. Its modules are replaceable and allow customization of the machine to meet individual requirements. The printer continuously adapts to new tasks, which in turn allows continuous update of the system and adaptation to different materials. Equipped with a double nozzle, the printer is suitable for work with multi-functional materials, including high quality thermoplastic PEEK.
For the specifics of dentistry
Magic. This is the impression 3D printers create. Suitable for integration in various types of production, 3DBGPRINT will present to the wide public PRECISION 1.5 Liquid Crystal. This super precision 3D printer works with liquid resin. Its features make it suitable for detailed prints, which is why it is widely used in jewellery, education, dentistry and many other fields.”
For even higher precision, the features of the LIQUID CRYSTAL PRO 3D printer will be presented at MachTech&InnoTech Expo 2019. Equipped with DaylightPolymerPrinting technology and providing high accuracy and fine detail of prints, the printer series is ideal for the fields of dentistry, jewellery and others.
Another highlight is the 3DGence DOUBLE P255 3D printer with double extruder, designed to
create high quality details. It works with two types of materials, and the items produced have wide applications in the automobile industry, architecture, machine details, industrial models, design, art, medicine, advertising.
In addition to the exhibited 3D printers, participants in MachTech&InnoTech Expo 2019 have made it their goal to present the capacities of these technological innovations. They will present end products made using the innovative technology. Among them visitors will find details presented by SPACECAD. Metal details and nodes for end use, functional prototypes and spare parts will also be presented.
The technology used by the company allows production of industrial class prototypes, end products and spare parts, tools and matrices for casting, injection molding and casting under pressure and compression, high-performance industrial parts, wear-resistant components and complex metal details.
3D printing, combined with all high-tech solutions, will undoubtedly be one of the drivers of the industry in the near and far future. In their desire to follow the new trends and future opportunities for development, professionals will come together at MachTech&InnoTech Expo 2019 – from 15 to 18 April 2019 in Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria. “You can find more about the exhibition at machtech.bg,” the organizers commented.