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MACH-TECH and INDUSTRY DAYS at the same place and the same time

Hungary’s most significant industrial business event
The MACH-TECH and INDUSTRY DAYS joint exhibitions will be held at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center on 14-17 May 2019, presenting the operators of the various industry sectors, professional novelties, cost-effective industrial solutions and the latest “spread” of Industry 4.0.
Review (2017):
The 2017 event was the largest industrial event organized in Hungary in recent years, both in terms of exhibitor and visitor numbers.
425 exhibitors of 19 countries were present, 26% of which were foreign companies.
Hungary’s largest industrial muster was attended by all sectors playing a leading role in the expansion of industrial digitalization, also known as Industry 4.0. 
The operators of machine-tool and other industries, robot manufacturers, electronic companies, logistics suppliers and machine control providers were all present in large numbers at the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Center.
Compared to the 2015 event, several themes have been enhanced in terms of exhibitor number and area by 2017, thus offering a wider range of choice for interested professionals: 
• robotics (127% area growth)
• machine tool production (40% growth in exhibitor number and area)
• industrial logistics (100% area growth)
• software (90% area growth)
The exhibition was attended by 16,800 visitors from 39 countries, which is an 11.4 per cent growth compared to the visitor number two years ago (14,700 visitors in 2015). 
• 72% are primary decision-makers or are involved in the decision-making process
• 36% of visitors have already made specific business decisions at the venue
• according to their primary goals for visiting the exhibition (Top 3 – respondents could mark multiple choices):
• 50% interested in innovation, novelties 
• 47% maintaining existing business relations
• 45% establishing new business contacts, concluding business deals
Forecast (2019)
2 months prior to the commencement of the event, it’s safe to say that there’s a huge deal of interest for the exhibitions and application forms keep coming in, not just from regular exhibitors, but numerous new companies have also informed the organizers of their participation. 
Nearly 500 companies from 19 countries have now reserved a spot at the Budapest Fair Center, including 100 individual 100% foreign sector operators. 
The success of the assortment of exhibitions is indicated by the fact that a new pavilion has been opened and thus in 2019, exhibitors now occupy Pavilion D along with Pavilions A, G and F, providing visitors with a truly comprehensive overview of the current supply, opportunities and future developments of industrial sectors.
The exhibitors applying for the event will be presenting a number of novelties, in order to show the visitors of INDUSTRY DAYS – MACH-TECH that there is no rest for them between two exhibitions as they are continuously developing their products and services. 
Additional planned events: 
• Industry 4.0 Conference 
• Linde forklift competition 
• Budapest and Pest County Chamber of Engineers energetics training 
• Railway vehicle conference hosted by the Hungarian Association of Welding Technology and Material Testing, including a symposium and workshop
• Occupational safety conference
• Top-quality presentations and workshops (AdvanTec Mérnöki Zrt., Galika, IFKA, Varinex, Walter Austria…) 
• Techtogether competition for student groups enrolled in technical higher education