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Böllhoff’s new innovative assembly system RIVSET® Automation E

Electrical self-pierce riveting systems for perfect jonts
Lightweight construction still remains to be a key technology for future cars. However, efficient lightweight construction also sets high standards for multi-material concepts thus requiring innovative fastening technology such as the established RIVSET® self pierce riveting technology from Böllhoff. This technology allows to join different materials in a single production step without pre-punching.
Efficiency was the reason enough for Böllhoff to develop alternatives for the self-pierce riveting technology with semi tubular rivets – RIVSET® Automation E - in addition to the established hydraulic drive.
 This assembly system focusses on a robust drive and its functionality and flexibility during use. In combination with maximum availability and minimum maintenance, this is the basis for a successful production. 
 The highlights of RIVSET® Automation E at a glance: 
 Smart: modular and comprehensive machine designs 
 Quick: machine configuration via plug & play 
 Flexible: remote access to the control software 
 Powerful: high-performance CPU 
 Plug & play: mobile panel for more than one control unit during commissioning