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What The Sky Says for 2019?

With 2019, We Are On Doorsteps Of Radical Changes

I would like to greet you, valuable readers, through this magazine, where I will be trying to give information about astrology and to convey my current interpretations of astrology. 
“We are on doorsteps of radical changes in political, economic, social and cultural fields.”
In other words expect the unexpected!
Here I will tell you how planet Uranus’ transition to Taurus might have an impact on our lives. In fact, these effects are not just for 2019 but for the next 7 years. These long-term permanent changes will be notable in the areas ranging from the structure of societies and economies of countries to the course of our lives. On the personal level the Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius horoscopes will be the ones with the strongest influence. By the way, there is an astrological chart of companies, communities and even countries as well as the individuals according to the date of their birth. In short, various organizations and countries of Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius must be open to surprising developments. Fixed signs must be 
The solar and lunar eclipses and combinations of the planets in 2019 show the clues of changes in our lives. But in this article, we tell about the main theme of the solar eclipse in Capricorn and the lunar eclipse in Leo that occur in January. We will discuss different sky movements in the future.
The solar eclipse in Capricorn on January 6 is about giving us a whole new form of system or structure that has served us for many years. It is necessary to mention a break down the existing structure and a reconstruction. In a planned and organized way, the order will be formed all over again. In summary, the rules will be redefined and the borders will be redrawn. This eclipse falls on to the west of Asia and Pacific Ocean.
The bloody lunar eclipse, which occurs on 21 January in Leo, invites you to accomplishments to be appreciated, to be proud of and to reveal the self-essence. It brings enthusiasm for showing creativity and attracting attention. With high energy, the inclination to the risk-taking will increase. There may be a tendency to speculative investments. Leo is associated with gold, interest in gold in the monetary markets may also increase. Lunar eclipses indicate the concentration of emotions and the times when logic is left behind. In order to create a balance, it will be important not to overlook universal equality, justice and humanist values. The lunar eclipse can be observed from the continents of North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

“The knowledge of astrology is not only telling only changes but also a lodestar for companies, institutions and individuals.”
How did the previous Uranus-Taurus passage leave traces on the world?
The progression of the planet Uranus to the Taurus sign indicates the developments that will leave a mark on human history in the next 7 years. Back in 1934-1942, when Uranus was heading to Taurus;
- The rise of dictatorships with leaders such as Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Franco and Mao is remarkable. 
- The high unemployment rates in the United States following the great depression of 1929 are noteworthy. As a result, malnutrition was recorded. 
- 1939 Erzincan earthquake is an example of natural disasters in the world. 
- In technology, the invention of the helicopter, the patenting of the nylon,  the beginning of television broadcasting in countries such as Japan, Italy, Russia coincide with this period.
In which sectors can we expect radical changes?
Taurus is the most firm, stable and earthy sign of Zodiac. It symbolizes nature, soil, food, agriculture and animal husbandry in world astrology. It also represents monetary and financial issues and banking activities, physical security issues and the insurance sector. It is related to aesthetics and art and describes worldly pleasures like eating. The planet Uranus symbolizes the unexpected, the contradictions and the extraordinary. Sudden rupture and breakage, fragmentation and divisions, instability and confusion are among Uranus’ narratives. Technological inventions are also described with Uranus.  In astrology, the subjects symbolized by modern planets overlap with the themes found in the historical events of the period in which they were discovered. For example, after Uranus was discovered in 1781, there were many uprisings took place in the world. After the French Revolution in 1789, many colonies rebelled against the establishment and the king and declared their independence. These developments appear to be in parallel with the issues in the symbolism of Uranus.

“With the knowledge that the planets are expressed by the characteristics of the sign, Uranus’s progress to Taurus will bring a very tense atmosphere to the fields of finance, banking, insurance, agriculture, livestock, food, aesthetics, art and security until mid 2026.” 
Considering that Taurus is identical with the themes of peace, stability and trust, it is necessary to expect unexpected developments in the coming years in the areas that are thought to be stable and secure. Shocking conditions may shake the balances and change the mechanism completely;

- It would not be out of the way to think that especially the normal course in the structure of nature in soil-related issues will undergo fundamental changes. 
- Many different instruments can be developed in the monetary and financial markets, the form of exchange and money may change, and there may be unexpected developments in the functioning of the monetary markets. For example, the use of digital money may become widespread.
- Perhaps in the near future, we can begin to take high-tech food as a pill in food, agriculture and livestock.
- There may be changes in food and nutrition culture. –
- As humanity, we may realize that all that really gives a sense of security are not so. Values may change from root.
- Radical changes may occur in the insurance sector. Whatever we have rooted may be eradicated. 
“From March 2019 until May 2026, while the trend changes in our lives, it would not be wrong to expect turbulence that is universally spread over the whole system.”
In summary, we are on the brink of radical changes in political, economic, social and cultural fields. A disturbing atmosphere appears to be highly likely. Chaotic climate can be mentioned. Ultimately, we can definitely see that we will experience a paradigm shift with the actions of Uranus in the Taurus. Briefly, the array of values is changing...

What is Astrology?
Given that since ancient times, human beings are trying to find a sign for the future by looking at the sky, astrology is a field of knowledge valued by all ancient civilisations. Astrological studies were carried out by the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Indians and even Ottomans based on the knowledge on the sky. Astronomers such as G. Galilei and J. Kepler also made significant contributions to astrology.  
Etymologically, astrology emerged from the combination of astro and logos. Astro means star. Logos means science, knowing. So astrology can be expressed as stellar science.
Horoscope comes from the word horoscopes in Latin which derived from the words hora and skope. Hora means clock, skope is used for observer.  the sky map created according to a specific time and geographical coordinate is expressed as a horoscope. 
In old times, it was tried to make predictions about possible developments on earth according to the conditions in the sky such as whether or not there would be a friutful year in agriculture, drought, famine periods, war-peace states of countries. Nowadays, generalizations are frequently made under such names as ’daily horoscope‘, ’personal horoscope analysis” as part of popular culture.
However, astrology is an ancient knowledge far beyond the superficial evaluations. The arrangement of the planets in the sky can be regarded as the source of valuable information as it gives signs of the very important events,  great changes in the history of mankind. In retrospect, the planets in the sky give important clues about world wars, great economic and cultural changes and technological developments. So the state of the sky is a source of information for humanity forward-looking. 

About The AUTHOR

Meral PALA 

She completed her university education at Istanbul University, Department of Economics followed by completion of International Business Management program at Istanbul University-Faculty of Management. She started her career in 1992 in the banking and finance sector. Until 2003, she worked in Treasury and Fund Management. She attended various training and seminars in Turkey and the UK about astrology since 2000. 
Meral Pala is currently studying Philosophy at Anadolu University. 
Since 2003, she has been conducting consultancy work on personalastrological map reading. Since 2009, she has been teaching Western Astrology and Medieval Astrology. 
She writes astrological articles on www.astrolojikosesi.com  
She is engaged in photography as a hobby.