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NORM CIVATA Continues to Grow with New Investments

We were debriefed by Mr Fatih UYSAL, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Norm 
Cıvata about their companies. 
With its 9 production facilities in different countries and six different marketing firms Norm Holding, one of the world’s leading companies and Turkey’s sector-leader in the fastener industry continues to grow with new investments in the international arena.
180 thousand m2 of Production Area, 
Employment for 2500 People
Started in 1973, our story continues at our 180 thousand m2 production facilities of which 60.000 m2 in Salihli, 120 thousand m2 in Izmir. Norm Holding, including Norm Civata in its structure and employing 2,500 people, is one of Turkey’s top 500 companies and ranks 169th with the export figure of $87 million. Norm Holding, always ranking on the top in terms of exports and size in the sector continues its production, exports and development for Turkey locally and nationally. With an annual total turnover of 300 million dollars, Norm Bolt produces 130 thousand tons annually.
Holding’s leading company Norm Cıvata, by increasing the production 4-fold in the last 10 years, is among the top 10 companies “fastest in production and growth in Turkey”. Norm Cıvata holds Q1, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 quality certificates.
9 Separate Production Facilities and 6 Different Marketing Firms
Norm Holding is the industry leader with 9 different production facilities in Izmir and Manisa Salihli and 6 different marketing companies. These companies in our holding are as follows:

Production companies; 
Norm Cıvata, Norm Somun, Uysal Makine, Nedu Kalıp, NRM Mühendislik ve Makine, Norm Salihli
Sales and Logistic Companies;
Norm GMBH, Best Kale Cıvata, Norm Bursa, Norm FSP 
Vissart Europe, Standart Cıvata, Norm Fastener Co. (US)    
Standart Cıvata
Standard Civata, which has an important place within the company in the same way as Norm Bolt does, was founded by our Founding Honorary President Mr Nedim Uysal in 1982 within Norm Holding. 
Working actively with 25 sales representatives and 160 employees in 48 cities in the country, Standart Cıvata is the leader of the sector in imports and exports. In addition to importing and supplying bolt, nut, imbus, drill bit screw, chipboard screw, gijon, flat and spring washer, dowels, inox and all fasteners, its hardware products also fills a huge gap in the manufacturing industry.  

Exporting to and and having dealerships in more than 50 countries including mainly the European countries, Standart Bolt is one of the leading fastener companies in the world. 
Standard Cıvata has become the choice of the leading industrial companies and the important sub-industry companies with the latest quality control systems and it is progressing safely to become a logistics and kanban firm for the companies..

Standart Cıvata offering the best service possible without sacrificing quality at the most affordable price, has been proved this quality with its TSE EN ISO 9001 certificates for 37 years.
NRM Makine
NRM Makina is our technology company which manufactures robotic automation systems for all companies operating in the manufacturing sector. Robotic applications in the growing automation control systems that needed in the industrial sector in Turkey and in the world in line with the increasing production and manufacturing, machine vision test and measurement equipment, one-on-one product control systems, hydraulic and pneumatic control units, mounting device and machine applications are the main operation fields of our company. With our full and semi-automatic system designs and high-precision solutions that have flexible, functional and repeatable features of today’s technology we offer services to all industries. In the medium term we aim to be able to produce different machines on aluminium casting; in the long term, we aim to specialize in image processing, machine vision systems.

Uysal Makine
Founded in 1988, Uysal Makine stands out with its breakthroughs in the field. Uysal Makine, which entered the coating sector by commissioning the first automatic electrolytic zinc coating line in 1999, has brought the electrolytic zinc plating quality to EU norms in 2007 with the MacDermid license. Expanding its product range as of 2016, Uysal Makine operates with its central coating plant in Salihli and two branches. Uysal Makine continues its services on coating fasteners used in different sectors such as automotive, white goods, construction, machinery, furniture, aviation, biomechanics and railway in 51 thousand 500 square meters closed area and 32 thousand 500 square meters open area, along with its head office and two branches.
Norm Somun
The Norm Somun Design Center, is developing new design projects in cooperation with Norm Group R&D Center and expanding the company’s product range employing 15 people, 12 of which are in engineering services and 3 in the process development departments.  Norm Somun is one of the leading companies in the sector with its approach based on university-industry cooperation by developing value-added products and especially cold forming die design processes.
14 Patents, 5 Useful Models
 In order to become the supplier of the world’s leading automotive companies, we have never compromised on our quality. I want to state that we are always sensitive about quality in all the processes as we strive to increase our global footprint. In this direction, we have all the necessary quality certificates in full.

We have 19 useful models and patents in different subjects such as product, production process and test method resulted in the works conducted at Norm R&D center. 5 of these studies and processes that are taken from the works are useful models and 14 are patents. The total sales return of our patented products as of 2018 is around 700.000 Euro. Our Normest and Fasti-Norm bolts can be given as examples of our value-added products. Normest is a self-tapping bolt with a special cross section. With its four corner forms, it opens its thread into the opposite hole where the connection will be made. In this way, the cost of threading to the mating part is eliminated and it provides high vibration resistance by providing better adhesion than its equivalent parts. Fasti-Norm is a fastening bolt specially designed to eliminate welded bolts which are joined to the sheets by welding. With the use of FastiNorm, the welding process is completely eliminated and with its special form, the bolt enables fastening with a simple mechanical fastening process.  

Exports to 50 Countries
Norm Holding also plays an important role in exports. We work with Ford, Volkswagen Group, AUDI, Porsche, Jaguar, Land Rover, Fiat, Renault, Mercedes Benz Türk, Daimler Lorry, MAN, Toyota, BMC, Türk Traktör, Sweden’s Volvo and Scania, PSA and US’ number one electric vehicle producer. We export our products to 50 countries including Germany, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, Russia and China.
As an investment in the framework of globalization targets, we first took Eastern Europe to our agenda. We researched 7-8 countries in this region. Since our main market is in Europe, we want to take an active part in this market.
As the standards of production in America are different, our primary goal was marketing, not manufacturing. The United States market has some unique characteristics. For this reason, we created a point for our marketing activities here and opened our logistics center after Germany and France.  
The title of R&D Hub
Norm Holding, which places great importance to R&D and training activities, encourages the holding staff to continue their higher education in different disciplines due to the low number of academic studies in its fields of activity such as fasteners and cold forming. In order to increase the competitive power of the Group, There is also regulation of “promotion and practising of R&D activities” within the company, to reveal employees’ product development skills to participate in research activities, and encourage them to create uniquely designed products.
After being awarded the title of R&D Hub as of May 2011, we are working on products with high added value, especially on the ones with the potential of patent or utility model. We are continuing R&D activities on topics such as new machines design and production, new process development, cost-reduction focused development, production simulations for fasteners, the dynamic behaviour of fasteners, special product development and prototype production projects.
Norm Holding has successfully completed 24 projects financially supported by Teydeb-Santez until 2019, and as of 2019, 6 Teydeb projects are in progress. As part of the EUREKA-SMART Advanced Manufacturing Program, of which we were a founding member in 2018, Cryogenic machining project, designed with the participation of 10 different companies from 4 countries was deemed worthy to be supported. 
In 2016 and 2017, we were the winner in the Metal Products category by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology.   
In December 2018, Norm Holding R&D Center was awarded the Best R & D Project of the Year at İZTEK Innovation R&D and Technology Awards 2018 by Izmir Technology and Innovation Platform. 

These awards reinforces that we are on the right track.  
Smart Production and Artificial Intelligence Applications 
We started our simulation studies in 2000. We improved ourselves in R&D by 2011 when we received ministry approval. Last year we established an R&D center within Norm Somun. Norm Holding aims to include high value-added special product groups into its structure as the leader of the sector and the original equipment supplier in the global sense. In this scope, the producibility of the products with special form is analyzed with the numerical simulation software and the problems encountered are solved before going into the production line. by developing special software within the framework of our ongoing financially supported projects, we aim to integrate the sorting machines, which aim to work with the 0 (zero) PPM philosophy to meet customer criteria. 

Thus, the sorting process for the semi-finished products from the cold forming line will be realized and we will have a significant gain in terms of time and cost. In another project, we continue working on image processing and QrCode processing for the process tracking of the cold forging dies used in production line and containers used in the transfer of semi-finished products. As result of this work, an artificial intelligence which can make die life estimations within the scope of intelligent production will be developed, thus, the die warehouse system will be managed by the software. 
Digital Transformation with SAP Investment
In the light of the principles of our Founding President, we have been rising based our values for 45 years. We intensively work on institutionalization. With our integrated production facilities, we are able to complete our production processes in a compact manner. We can respond quickly and flexibly to our customers because in today’s conditions this is really important. For us, teamwork is a must. We make a difference for our customers with our young dynamic staff. We have been working on institutionalization for the last two years. This year, we are making digital transformation with SAP transition in all of our companies. With its innovative approach applied in the production of fasteners and an experienced product development infrastructure, Norm Holding aims to command all business processes and 9 separate production facilities from a single center by simplifying the IT infrastructure with end-to-end SAP solutions.  Norm Cıvata, which took the first step towards becoming a part of the Turquality program that supports the development of Turkish brands in the global arena, accelerated their efforts to increase their competitiveness and branding in the global market. We will continue to accelerate our efforts in branding in 2019.