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International Fastener Show China 2018 Rounded Off Successfully

Next Show will be held on June 11-13, 2019

The world leading fastener show which widely covers the industry chains - International Fastener Show China 2018  rounded off  on October 21-23 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. Over 700 exhibitors from China and abroad totally used a display area of 34,000 square meters to show a variety of fastener equipment, molds and consumables, designs, technologies and services, standard fasteners, industry-specific fasteners, stampings, lathe parts and fastener materials. Domestic and overseas buyer groups and 25,000 trade visitors made their way to the three-day event.
Mr. XueKangsheng, President of Fasteners Industry Association of China General Machine Components Industry Association noted, “The two exhibition halls of this year’s show have their own distinctive characteristics. Hall 2 brings together standard parts and basic equipment for various fastener industries. Hall 3 showcases special fasteners for the automotive, aerospace, railway, construction and other industries, fully reflecting our exhibition’s industry professionalism and refined classification. We aim at developing the platform of IFS China into an indispensable annual gala for the fastener industry.”
IFS China 2018 boasted an active participation of overseas mainstream equipment manufacturers from South Korea, Netherlands, Italy, Japan, Germany, the US, Israel, China Hong Kong and China Taiwan, thus building a bridge for Chinese and global fastener industry to communicate, cooperate, and enhance exchanges and understanding, while creating opportunities for fastener companies from home and abroad.
On the event of the exhibition’s opening ceremony, The Five Regions Fastener Association Conference 2018, held once a year and themed on “Green Production, Innovation Sharing, Intelligent Manufacturing in the Fastener Industry”, was convened. Representatives of associations from Mainland China, China Taiwan, China Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan delivered special reports on ecological development models, intelligent factories, intelligent strategies and other aspects of the fastener industry of the “Five Regions”. The Show also held four major themed activities concurrently, including Roundtable Conference of Representatives from Fastener Industry of Asia, Europe and America 2018, Face-to-Face & One-to-One International Sourcing Meeting, and Theme Lecture of Fastener Technologies Exchange, and Forum about “How does electroplating industry maintain competitiveness under the ever-changing automotive industry”, etc.

Marcel MORI:  Our goal is to place Turkey into the top three in Europe among the fastener producing countries, and to the top ten in the world.

Mr. Marcel MORI, Foreign Trade General Manager of the company SIMAR’s and the member of BESIAD (Fastener Industrialists and Business People Association of Turkey) took part as a speaker on behalf of the Chairman of BESIAD, Mr. Mustafa Tecdelioğlu at International Fastener Show China which took place between 21-23 October 2018. 
Mentioning historical achievements and goals of BESIAD he added: “BESIAD was founded 16 years ago in 2002. Aiming to strengthen the fasteners sector in Turkey, BESIAD is establishing local and worldwide relationships to take place in the world fastener market.”
Mr. MORI stated that as BESIAD, they are trying to increase the quality and quantity of production with the right investments, they provide training to the employees for the product improvement in the fastener sector and they continue their jurney with the works they have been doing to improve the skills of the employees obtaining good results.

He also explained the status of BESIAD and it’s members, fastener market and recent position of Turkey: “Initally consisting of only fastener manufacturers, BESIAD has expanded its member network by reaching out to distributors, service providers, wire manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, coating and heat treatment companies and machinery importers. At the moment, 75 of 90 members of BESIAD consist of fastener manufacturers which represent 80% of total fastener production capacity of Turkey. The volume of the fastener market in Turkey is roughly 900,000 tons that this value corresponds to approximately 1.6 million euros. We import 100,000 tons of this volume and produce 800,000 tons. We export 300.000 tons to 70 countries in the world, mainly to Europe. In this industry, there are around 400 companies with various production capacities and more than 20,000 employees. 85% of the raw material we use in our production line is domestic and this gives us flexibility in terms of time and production. This is one of the main achievements of our association. Before the establishment of BESIAD, 70% of cold formed wire rods were used to be imported. Now, 85% is produced locally. Turkish steelmakers can supply wire from 4.5 mm to 28 mm diameter for fastener manufacturers. Investments have been made to ensure the supply of larger-sized wire and it is planned to be realized in a short time. This is a joint endevaour of BESIAD, State of Turkey, and Turkish Steel Producers. Due to the fluctuations in the euro and dollar exchange rates, a recession is observed in the domestic fastener market but I can say that it is at a strong and robust point compared to other sectors. On the other hand, exports increased by 20%. For 15 years, Turkey’s production capacity has increased by 10-15% every year, and I hope that this will continue.”
Mr. MORI emphasized BESIAD’s goal with a statement: “Our goal, as BESIAD, is to place Turkey into the top three in Europe among the fastener producing countries, and to the top ten in the world by 2023, the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the State of Turkish Republic .”  
Mentioning Turkey’s being the center of Europe, the Middle East, Russia, and the Asian-Turcic States due to its geographical location and the political situation, Mr. MORI said that to be able to reach its goal BESIAD must realize special trade agreements with these countries and concluded: “You can do anything if you really want, nothing is impossible for an earnest person!”