Bossard’s New Innovative Fastening Solution ESKA® HA-Schraubengarnituren®
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Bossard’s New Innovative Fastening Solution ESKA® HA-Schraubengarnituren®

ESKA HA-SchraubengarniturenThe ESKA® HA-Schraubengarnituren® are the world's first aluminum system solution with optimized pretension force that have building inspector approval.

 Bolts, nuts and washers are made of a high-strength aluminum alloy and have been developed specifically for the connection of aluminum structures and aluminum supporting structures for preloadable connections. Their dimensions are inspired by the well-known HV-system made from carbon steel according to DIN EN 14399-4 and -6.

The ESKA® HA-Schraubengarnituren® are suitable for all applications where light metal components have to be securely fastened, with additional requirements in terms of weight saving, constant pretension force and corrosion optimization. In this way, lightweight construction can be implemented in a consistent, safe, and visually appealing manner.

Torques and preloading forces are confirmed by building certificates. The German building permit (abZ) under mark Z-14.4-929 is available. 

Benefits of the HA-Schraubengarnituren®

The innovative aluminum fastening elements come with a number of benefits:

· 65 % weight savings compared to steel screws
· increased corrosion resistance, no additional coating necessary
· attractive appearance without rust
· lower maintenance requirements due to resistance to preloading forces over time
· extended product range also for dimensions smaller than M12
· visual enhancement of the bolted joint through colored anodized layers

Images: ©Mindwork marketing