Dimac's Innovative Side Surface Scanning Station Revolutionizes Automotive and Aerospace Fastener Quality Control
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Dimac's Innovative Side Surface Scanning Station Revolutionizes Automotive and Aerospace Fastener Quality Control

Dimac is set to redefine quality control in the automotive and aerospace fastener industry with its cutting-edge side surface scanning camera station. This advanced station is tailor-made to enhance Dimac's 100% inspection and sorting machines, offering unprecedented precision and efficiency.

Key Features:

• High-precision scanning of cylindrical side surfaces for fasteners, fittings, bushings, and specialized parts.
• Exceptional defect detection capabilities, including cracks, hints, dents, scratches, corrosion stains, and thread anomalies.
• Integration of state-of-the-art AI algorithms, including OCR recognition for identifying errors in stamped characters, ensuring top-notch quality and compliance.

How It Works:

The Dimac MCV machine's index rotary table seamlessly delivers each part to the scanning station. The part is gently lifted off the dial from below and rotated between two pivots. A high-resolution line-side camera, equipped with a special LED-bar light, scans the side surface of the component line by line. After a single rotation, the side surface is displayed on the screen as a 2D image, where operators can easily identify and tag defect characteristics.

The application software memorizes these defects and employs its recognition algorithm to ensure a 100% accurate inspection and sorting process.

Dimac has invested substantial effort into creating a robust and user-friendly station. The hardware and software setup are designed for easy operation and intuitive programming, eliminating the need for highly skilled operators.

Thanks to these features, the station achieves impressive cycle times, processing up to 150-200 pieces per minute. It sets the gold standard for detecting side cylindrical surface defects in fasteners for the automotive and aerospace industries, as well as in fittings and bushings for hydraulic applications.

Dimac's commitment to innovation and quality shines through in this groundbreaking solution. As a trusted partner for automotive and aerospace manufacturers, Dimac is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and quality control.

For more information on Dimac and its cutting-edge solutions, visit www.dimacsrl.com. Embrace the future of quality control with Dimac's revolutionary technology.