Direct screwing system for high-stress applications
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Direct screwing system for high-stress applications

Thread-forming screws primarily use a trilobular shape of the thread body. In contrast to this conventional solution, the b&m HIGHLOAD® uses a circular thread cross section that provides an additional load-bearing area.

The b&m-HIGHLOAD® is used primarily in composite structures. It is suitable for extremely high-stress component connections, whether in steel or aluminum. The special feature of this screw: Load tests have shown substantial preload forces and an extremely consistent screw setting behavior with moderate forming torque and high overtorque.


·       Transmission of high preload forces even with a shortened load-bearing thread section
·       Universal application for direct screwing in materials from high-strength steel to tough-soft aluminum
·       Circular thread cross section and fully formed thread flanks offer maximum flank coverage and therefore high overtorques and preload forces
·       The special forming zone geometry provides a self-righting effect and compensates for axial deviations when the screw is positioned.
·       The special forming zone geometry prevents seizing of the screw, making screw-in depths of up to 5 x D (D = thread diameter) in low-strength materials possible.
·       The immense preload forces of the threaded connection prevent radial transverse shifting between the components.