Camcar purchases ttap® brand and technology
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Camcar purchases ttap® brand and technology

Camcar  announces that it has purchased the assets of its partner, Ttapdrive AS on 24 May 2023.  

Ttapdrive AS is a Norwegian company that created the ttap® brand of drive systems.  Camcar and Ttapdrive already cooperated in a partnership for over 10 years to promote the Torx® ttap® drive system through many quality distribution channels in the construction industry.  Torx® ttap® provides leading stability (anti-wobble) and stick fit allowing increased productivity and lower injuries on job sites. The brand and technology fit very well with Camcar’s mission to be a leading technology provider in the fastener industry. Try it and you will Feel the Difference™

Camcar is a leading R&D organization that develops and sources fastener technology that offers meaningful improvements in performance and assembly ease and solves real world problems. Camcar’s products are manufactured by a global network of quality manufacturers making it easy for end users to find reliable and trusted sources.