The Asiatic players came back to act in Feicon 2023
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The Asiatic players came back to act in Feicon 2023

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


Inside total Brazilian GPD of US$ 1,8 trillion, the construction sector represents 6.2% and around 34% of the industrial segment. During the April days 11-14 of 2023, the largest trade show about construction and finishing in the South America held in São Paulo City, SP. On Portuguese acronym about trade fair and construction, the Feicon annual edition of 2023 had a so huge public, probably many above the 2022.    

A highlight merited was the return of some Asiatic players, including from fasteners sector. Before the pandemic period that was so common to find them at big groups of exhibitors, with many booths at same pattern, such as we saw in Stuttgart in March last. 

However, still were so few, but we know that will be rise on quantity, a well news to offer more options to a country so closed and resistance to internationalization. 

The Asian exhibitors were mainly from China, a Country that represented 28% US$ 1 billion of fasteners imported to Brazil in 2022.