Manassero Machines Appointed as a New National Machinery Agent
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Manassero Machines Appointed as a New National Machinery Agent

Manassero Machines has been supplying quality fastener machines - new and used - since 1990. With 2 warehouses - for a total of 3.000 sqm and over 200 used machines - Manassero is among the leading companies of machinery dealers around the world.
Starting from January 2023 Manassero Machines has been appointed as new National Machinery exclusive agent for Spain and Portugal. It will follow up Sigfrid Martinez's long time fruitful commitment there.

National's agency adds up to Nakashimada and RMG for several european contries. A new Smart thread roller will be soon on display in Manassero's warehouse: this will allow a first approach with Smart technology to our visitors. A more detailed look is possible for the interested parties as Tortona is just over one hour driving distance.

National Machinery has always been the leading company in cold and warm forming machines, first manufacturer to introduce linear feed, quick change and so many innovative features which all competitors have tried to adopt too over the years.

National's offer range is absolutely impressive, here's only one part: 

 - A whole line of Formax headers up to 7 dies, up to 34mm cutoff and also with extra long kickout strokes
-  Ball and roller headers
 - Microformers
 - Smart thread rollers and pointers 
-  Rebuilding

Manassero has an extensive knowledge particularly of European market and, with National, may now offer many more solutions on new machines, can trade back used machines against the purchase of a new machine, being one of the leaders in the field of used fastener machines.

Manassero can also offer a replacement machine while waiting for the delivery of a new National, parts's study under confidentiality agreement, advice on rebuilding, ways of shipping, tooling, machines' evaluation and many other aspects involved in cold forming. Language won't be an obstacle as besides Italian we speak fluently English, Spanish, German, French and Russian.

Manassero and National will be happy to meet customers and particularly the Spanish and Portuguese ones at Fastener Fair Global held in Stuttgart, stand (1067 Manassero), stand (1384 National).