SouthWind obtains exclusivity from 3VIEW
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SouthWind obtains exclusivity from 3VIEW

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos 


Manufacturer of process monitors for use in cold forming process, MES (Machine Execution System) and APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling) systems for use in Industry 4.0, the South Korean company 3VIEW signed a contract with the Brazilian company SouthWind (SW) for exclusive commercial representation covering between Brazil and Argentina.

According to J. Graef, the SW CEO, “In the industrial market, especially the bolts/screws and auto parts cold forging sector, 3View is the Asian leader in high-end MachineViewTM force monitors, strongly advancing FactoryViewTM systems when it comes to monitoring. partial or total industrial plants in their 4.0 manufacturing processes. With this, through SouthWind, 3VIEW marks its process of advancement in process monitoring and control technology in the main markets of South America.