SACMA GROUP – “We invent machines”
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SACMA GROUP – “We invent machines”

Sacma group is well known to be leader for designing and manufacturing of Combined Headers which are able to produce fasteners from M3 to M24. Thousands Sacma Combined Headers are producing directly from wire a wide range of bolts and special screws for any kind of industry. These machines are the best solution for high productivity requirements, consolidation of production methods, floor space utilization and workflow in the manufacturing process by having the forming, pointing and thread rolling operations all in one machine. 

In the mid of 80’s the first KSP, 1D2B combined header with roller, leaves the Sacma factory to reach a French customer. Since then Sacma built and delivered more than 200 KSP, most of which are still producing small screws all over the world, well supported by our network of service and spare parts.

The KSP design is absolutely original, and that small great machine was for long time the only existing in the market, but it’s well known that the fate of an iconic product is to be copied. At WIRE Duesseldorf 2022, Sacma as World Premiere, introduced the new KSP12-R, meeting requests of the faithful customers, to repeat the success of the previous model with a state of art machine. 

The KSP12-R can run fasteners from M3 to M8 with max shaft length 60 mm. The machine is a double blow header with an integrated threading station, representing the new generation of the worldwide known KSP11-R.
The KSP12-R combines typical SACMA solution, with the most advanced mechatronic technology available in the market. The one-piece main frame, cast perlitic iron, normalized, natural aged for at least 12 months, high precision machined, is a guarantee of rigidity and stability for all the machine life. 

One new feature of the machine is the brand-new drive system with the clutch brake unit pneumatically operated installed on the fast shaft of gear transmission to drive the motions of the heading station and the threading station with only one motor. The use of new generation of inverter allows to recycle the energy of the motor while stopping the machine. This makes the header more efficient and environment friendly.

To complete the unique bed frame design, our R&D has developed a new slide body to improve the positioning precision of the two strokes and the longevity of the structure to guarantee a use 24/7 which is the most important quality recognized on the Sacma headers.

The machine is equipped with the last release of the S-Feed 2.0 which is consisting of the mechatronic solution with a direct drive motor combined with the motorized wire stop allowing a very precise cut-off length and volume. The system consents an easy set-up, the motorized wire introduction, the rewind and the pullback function.

The DKO of the machine is adjusted through an innovative device for an easy a reliable set up of the length of the screw from 6mm to 60mm. 

Regarding the loading conveyor, the use of new generation of motors allows the fine tune of the conveyor speed to transfer the parts from the heading station to the feeding rolls which ensure the right orientation with the right speed according the length of the headed blanks before their introduction into the threading station. For product difficult to be oriented it is possible to set opposite rotations of the feeding rolls. To support the blanks orientation, there is also the rotating wheel over the rolls to remove the parts with the wrong orientation. 

After the feeding rolls, the rails convey the blanks to the introduction system of the threading station. The starter unit is driven by a torque motor for an accurate introduction of the parts with adjustable load applied to the blank during the introduction. This function is useful especially when producing self-tapping screws. Another amazing feature is the self-learning adjustment of the starter unit stroke which makes the set-up of the roller extremely user-friendly and accurate.

The complete set-up of the machine is stored in the PLC to be recalled when producing the same part code. It is easy to understand that this new feature of the KSP machine allows a quick production changeover not reachable by an older design.

According the parts to be produced, the customer has the possibility to install the scrap separator device and a dedicated finished parts conveyor collecting the coolant which is recirculated to the machine tank.

We know all of us, the quality management a key factor. So that, the machine can be equipped with  n.2 quality sorting flaps to select the NC parts detected thanks to the Sacma K-Loadmatic monitoring the heading and threading operations. In addition the motorized wheel over the feeding rolls is rejecting the parts having a defective head. The K-Loadmatic is also suitable to protect the machine against the overload, measuring the forming load by means of piezo sensor inside the frame.

Sacma Group is very careful regarding the ergonomic aspect of the machine and the environment condition for the technicians working on the machine. With this new release of KSP, the manual operation are very few to start up the machine. If one item the machine does not have the motorized adjustment available, in any case the manual set-up is guided by a tutorial and scales to be able to store the values into the recipe of the parts. The ultimate achievement of this new machine is the noise not exceeding 78dB. This makes the machine a very quiet 1D2B header.

Important factor is that all the mechanical parts of the machine are manufactured in our factories of Limbiate and Vimercate in Italy. 100% of the spare parts are available immediately. The electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic components are supplied premium European suppliers with assistance and spare parts everywhere in the world to ensure the limitless production for our customers.

The ultimate design, the innovative quick changeover features together with the effective quality management makes the new KSP12-R the most performant 1D2B combined header in the market.