New “Dandy Auto Pilot”
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New “Dandy Auto Pilot”

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS 


Hanaoka sharyo co.,ltd (Koto-ku, Tokyo), a manufacturer of material handling equipment for dollies and lifts, released the DANDY AUTO PILOT, a self-supporting transport robot for use at factory sites, last September.

By employing a mechanism to overcome steps, the robot is able to travel over bumps and slopes, which was not possible with conventional AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot). When installing a standard AMR in a factory, it was necessary to prepare a flat road surface, but this product can be installed on a wide range of road surfaces without the need for road surface preparation. The company's undercarriage technology, the first mass-produced bogie manufacturer in Japan, was utilized.

Monthly payment allows for short-term trial use. No large initial investment is required, and the system can be used on a monthly basis. Maps, stations, and routes can be easily set from the onboard monitor without programming.

Hanaoka sharyo will launch its ARU location information management solution in January.

This service uses solar-powered beacons, which do not require battery replacement, to be attached to objects and people, and uses LPWA communications to provide real-time location positioning without communication costs. This cloud service enables information management by attaching medical records to registered objects and persons.

This service eliminates problems such as "I don't know where the data is" when managing conventional PC files, or "Where did that go? When used in a factory, the system could be used to assign medical records to machinery and equipment, and record manuals and maintenance history. The system is also useful for inventory control.

In August of last year, the company began a verification experiment at Haneda Airport with its "Airport Baggage Cart Indoor/Outdoor Location Management System," which supports location management. The system also has a groupware function that utilizes these functions to achieve DX for the entire business.

ARU is a service developed by the company, a manufacturer of airport carts and trailers, to manage information on the location, number, and maintenance history of these products, which are placed throughout the airport and need to be replenished when their locations become lost.