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From 30 November to 1 December at Fiera Milano City, Milan, Italy

Fastener Fair Italy 2022 will open its door to the next edition of the international event dedicated to the fastener and fixing industry. On 30 November, the unmissable fastener and fixing technology event will kick off in Hall 3 at Fiera Milano City, in Milan, where national and international producers and distributors will be able to showcase their products and services, as well as present the latest innovations and technological advancement.

To date, there are around 200 exhibitors from 16 countries representing the sector, including Ambrovit S.p.A., Berardi Bullonerie Srl, Bonfatti Filettature Srl, Bontempi V.I.B.O. S.p.A., Bralo Italia, Carlo Salvi S.p.A., CHAVESBAO (CHAVES BILBAO S.A.), Di Costa Guiseppe Srl, Dimac Srl, Fastbolt Schraubengroßhandels GmbH, Lederer GmbH, MEVI ITALIA Srl, Piloni Srl, SOM FASTENERS, The-ma S.p.A, VIPA S.p.A., VISION Srl, VITAL S.p.A., Zincoplating S.r.l. and many more.

Fastener Fair Italy offers a meeting point for market professionals to share new trends, launch new products, encourage corporate marketing activities, and personally meet customers, suppliers and business partners,  all gathered under the same roof in one of the major European industrial economies

"The strong exhibitor participation in Fastener Fair Italy 2022 is a positive signal indicating an industry's need to return to in-person events to facilitate business networking and trade and enable new sales opportunities”, comments Liljana Goszdziewski, Portfolio Director for the European Fastener Fairs.We can safely say that there is a keen interest in the event among the sector's key players, and we look forward to welcoming exhibitors, visitors and partners to Fastener Fair Italy 2022".

 The event will include a programme of seminars, workshops and exhibitor presentations, which will enhance the visitor experience with relevant discussions aimed at the entire industrial supply chain. In particular, on Wednesday, 30 November, the conference organised by ECAP - European Consortium of Anchors Producers, "Revision of the Construction Products Regulation, based on the Commission proposal presented in March 2022", will be held. On 1 December, the workshop "Finishes and surface treatments for fastening elements: trends and perspectives", organised by AIFM - The Italian Association of Metal Finishing, focused on innovations regarding surface coatings of fastening systems.

Organised by Mack-Brooks Exhibitions – Part of RX, the event organiser, and in collaboration with partners, the seminars will be open to both exhibitors and visitors.

Fastener Fair Italy is supported by the following Media Partners: AIFM - Italian Association of Metal Finishing, Assemblaggio e Meccatronica, Deformazione, Expometals,, Fastener+Fixing Magazine, Fastener Eurasia, Fastener Magazine from Poland, Fastener Technology International, Fastener World, ICT - Industrial Cleaning Technologies, IPCM - International Paint&Coating Magazine, Italy Export, La Rivista del Colore, L’Ammonitore, L'industriale, Meccanica & Automazione, Meccanica & Meccatronica, Metal Week, MTM - Machine Tool Market, MTM - Subfornitura, MTM - Tornitura, NewsMec, Rivista di Meccanica Oggi, Subfornitura & Eco-Industria and Tecn’è.

Visitor information, tickets and opening hours

Fastener Fair Italy 2022, the 3rd International Exhibition for Fastener and Fixing Technology, will be held in Hall 3 at Fiera Milano City, Milan, Italy, from 30 November to 1 December 2022. The opening hours are from 10:00 to 18:00 for both exhibition days.

Admission is free for visitors who pre-register online on the event's official website. The cost of the ticket purchased during the event days is € 35.