Simpson Strong-Tie Expands Suite of Structural Steel Solutions
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Simpson Strong-Tie Expands Suite of Structural Steel Solutions

Simpson Strong-Tie, the leader in engineered structural connectors and building solutions, has introduced the Edge-Tie™ system designed to replace field-welded bent plate pour stops with a high-strength, straight-edge, channeled steel beam that accepts bolted connections to facilitate easy cladding installations without the need for welding.

As construction demand continues to outpace skilled trade worker availability, welders are in short supply, forcing structural steel fabrication teams and building owners to adopt new solutions. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the industry will need to add an additional 34,100 welders over the next decade just to keep pace with demand.

The Edge-Tie system replaces traditional bent plates with an extruded steel beam of higher strength that is more dimensionally reliable while enabling a bolted cladding connection. Long lengths provide an easy, cut-to-fit solution for steel buildings of any size, and bolted connections eliminate the need for field welding, delivering faster installation with less labor.

“Simpson Strong-Tie offers an array of innovative product and technology solutions designed to help the structural steel industry build stronger and work smarter,” said Tim Ellis, market segment manager for structural steel at Simpson Strong-Tie “Adding the Edge-Tie system to our suite of offerings provides fabricators, erectors, engineers, building owners and contractors with an innovative, easy-to-install cladding connection. The Edge-Tie system reduces overall construction time and costs while providing built-in resiliency and fast repair after natural or other disasters.”

Featuring a continuous slot to take the guesswork out of anchor attachments, the Edge-Tie system allows for easy cladding adjustment and replacement after damage in wind or seismic events, or to accommodate adaptive building design. Simpson Strong-Tie also provides a reusable OSHA-compliant guardrail post that can be used in conjunction with the Edge-Tie system. The system has no height limitations, and incorporates safety attachments that install on the ground and remain in place during and after curtain-wall installation.

The Edge-Tie system was originally developed by J-Edge and Kansas City Steel and purchased by Simpson Strong-Tie in December 2021.