Distance mounting system ResiTHERM® 16
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Distance mounting system ResiTHERM® 16

Spacer mounting system for concrete and perforated brick - with ETA and driving rainproof. Mounting system for heavy-duty fastening on insulated facades.

ResiTHERM® 16, the innovative product is fast, driving rain tight, thermally separated, corrosion-resistant, ETA-approved, and Made in Germany. The perfect solution for mounting heavy loads to insulated facades without thermal bridges!

One product for all insulation types and thicknesses, e.g. bridging insulation thicknesses from 60-300 mm when anchoring in insulated facades made of concrete, or from 60-280 mm in aerated concrete and solid brick, and 60-250 mm when the insulated wall consists of perforated bricks. Thus allowing for high application flexibility, also in further base materials.

The black thermal separation module eliminates heat bridges efficiently and protects against mold and heat loss. Its pre-assembled, weather-resistant EPDM sealing ensures safe sealing against driving rain up to wind force 11(violent storm) and up to 3 mm displacement, tested for watertightness based on DIN EN 1027.

The reliable, durable ETA-tested fixing ResiTHERM® 16 is the product of choice for a large variety of base materials as well as applications:

The heavy-duty innovation is suitable for all common substrates, such as concrete, aerated concrete, masonry (solid and perforated brick), and other building materials, and for a wide range of applications such as awnings, canopies, French balconies, satellite dishes, air-conditioning units and many more.

There is no risk of corrosion due to high steel quality 8.8, attachment parts made of stainless steel A4 and glass-fibre reinforced nylon, which is characterized by ageing, weather, and UV-resistance.

The possibility of subsequent adjustment of the screw-in depth of the M12 threaded stud as well as the M16 threaded rod allows adjustment to the individual installation situation.