Intrtorque of HIOS Adopted for Max screw driving machine  
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Intrtorque of HIOS Adopted for Max screw driving machine  

The special recess "Intrtorque" developed by HIOS (Sumida-ku, Tokyo) has been adopted by MAX Co.,Ltd (Chuo-ku, Tokyo) as a special fasteners for its "HV-R41MR1" screw driving machine for roof construction.

Intrtorque is a fastener that has a recess in the center of the hexarobular recess that prevents camout and a guide on the bit side called a super point that inserts a convex part that securely guides the bit tip to the center of the screw and prevents further wobble.

The HV-R41MR1, which employs the Intrtorque The HV-R41MR1 is a high-speed screw driver ideal for roofing with galvalume steel plate, which has recently been attracting attention as a roofing material for residential use. Galvalume steel sheets are increasingly being used as a roofing material because of their long service life, light weight, durability, and high waterproofing capabilities.

The construction method using galvalume steel plates was generally to tighten the screws one by one with an impact driver. On the other hand, the work was time-consuming and labor-intensive, and tightening the screws with cross-hole type connecting screws for efficiency could lead to "unscrewing" or damage to the bit due to the characteristics of galvalume steel sheets. A tool that could solve these problems was required on site.

Under these circumstances, Max focused on the Intrtorque, which ensures a high level of torque transmission effect, has high bit mating performance, and can suppress wobble by tightening the screw in a straight line.

The HV-R41MR1 was developed using Intrtorque as a special coupling screw which uses Intrtorque as the dedicated connecting screw.

Even in construction methods where the load is particularly high during screw tightening, the frequency of screw dislodgement is reduced and stable screw tightening is achieved. The coupling screw reduces work time compared to fastening with loose screws. The risk of damaging the roofing material by the bit can also be reduced by suppressing unscrewing.