Fuji Buhin Industries aims for group sales of 21.7 billion yen in FY2022
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Fuji Buhin Industries aims for group sales of 21.7 billion yen in FY2022

Fuji Buhin Industries (Ota City, Gunma) announced at a management policy briefing distributed online in July that it aims for total group sales of 21.7 billion yen in FY2022.

According to the report, total group sales for FY2021 decreased 5.2% from the previous year to 15.36 billion yen.

President Tomoyasu Matsuzaki spoke about FY2021 as follows. "It was a tough year, affected by the re-spread of covit-19 infection and procurement problems for semiconductor and resin materials, as well as disruptions in the global logistics network."

In FY2022, the group plans to achieve a total of 21,690 million yen.

The company expects a recovery in production at automakers, which are its main users, and that it will achieve this goal by accumulating new orders. President Matsuzaki commented, "We are reviewing our plans in order to get back on a steady upward trend. First, we will overcome the difficulties, and then we will prepare for a V-shaped recovery"

As for the resin business, he mentioned the capital tie-up in February with Miyuki (Gunma Prefecture), a plastic mold designer and manufacturer. Miyuki specializes in injection molding dies, which matches the company's production range, leading to this capital tie-up.

The resin molding plant has a total of 14 horizontal injection molding machines ranging from 40 tons to 230 tons. The resin molding plant is in full operation 24 hours a day, with completely unmanned operation at night.

The assembly and inspection processes are located in the same building as the molding plant, eliminating unnecessary movement and waste. In the future, the company will focus on orders for resin/metal composite products and high-value-added products. The company also plans to increase the number of molding machines.