FASTENER POLAND will take place on 19 -20 October 2022 at EXPO Krakow
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FASTENER POLAND will take place on 19 -20 October 2022 at EXPO Krakow in Poland

5. International Trade Fair of Fastener and Fixing Technology FASTENER POLAND will take place on 19 -20 October 2022 at EXPO Krakow in Poland. 

FASTENER POLAND® is a convenient space for decision-makers, engineers and purchasing professionals from key manufacturing sectors to meet with leading fastener manufacturers from around the world. The show provides insight into industry trends and provides key information on the latest developments in the fastener and fastenings sector. For exhibitors, participation in FASTENER POLAND® is an excellent opportunity to reach thousands of specialists in the same place and time and to present innovative solutions, which translates into: strengthening market position, brand recognition and, most importantly, maximising profits while saving time and money. Poland has huge potential for growth in terms of fasteners. Because of COVID and problems with availability, lots of European production companies have moved into Central European countries, and with them comes demand for fasteners. Poland is the biggest winner from this change. Now what is more important is not just-in-time logistics, but also just-in-case. Poland has a good tradition in production, a skilled workforce and reasonable production costs. Production of fasteners is in 3rd place in the EU and still growing. 

During FASTENER POLAND®, exhibitors have the opportunity to meet with their Clients and find new potential ones. Polish companies take advantage of the fact that a lot of foreign guests come to the fair. On the other hand, foreign companies have the opportunity to meet all the most important representatives of the Polish fasteners industry in person in one place. The last edition in 2019 attracted 210 exhibitors, 72% of which were foreign companies from China, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands, India, Malta, Germany, Slovenia, Turkey, Taiwan, Great Britain and Italy. The fair was visited by 4 093 industry guests, 43% of which were guests from 44 countries. The TOP 5 included Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, Germany.

A novelty at this year's edition of FASTENER POLAND will be the FASTENER POLAND B2B MEETINGS. It was initiated last year, when the traditional fair could not take place due to the pandemic. Producers, distributors, wholesalers, sellers, buyers and suppliers of raw materials met on a specially prepared platform. The event was attended by 156 participants from 30 countries, which resulted in 177 meetings. Of the participants, 53% were manufacturers and distributors, 28% buyers, 19% wholesalers and other participants related to the fasteners industry. This year, FASTENER POLAND B2B MEETINGS will take place in the form of a hybrid. On October 19-20, 2022, cooperation meetings will accompany the FASTENER POLAND trade fair in the meeting rooms of EXPO Krakow, and after their end, they will move to a virtual space. The Event is organize in cooperation with the Enterprise Europe Network at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Krakow. 

During FASTENER POLAND trade fair, there will also be a professional and substantive discussion on topics relevant to the industry. The organizers, in cooperation with the Polish Association of Assembling Engineers and Technicians, have planned a conference called "A world of production full of challenges: from supply chains to distribution".

The deadline for submitting participation in the fair is September 20, 2022. All interested companies should contact us by phone: +48126519029 or by e-mail: More information at