Rotor Clip and LISI Automotive NOMEL announce a new partnership
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"NOMEL" and Rotor Clip will strengthen their presence and promotion in the European industrial market

LISI AUTOMOTIVE NOMEL ("NOMEL")  and the American company Rotor Clip are joining forces to strengthen their presence in the European market for spring washers and rings.

Rotor Clip and LISI Automotive NOMEL are excited to announce a new partnership to serve the industrial market. This partnership was signed between the two companies on May 6, 2022 in Somerset, New Jersey USA.

With over 200 years of combined manufacturing excellence serving industries from automotive to aerospace, medical and beyond, Rotor Clip and LISI are the global leaders in providing Application Driven Solutions™. 

“We’re bringing together two companies, with a long history of engineering and service excellence,” says Simon Ellison, Rotor Clip’s Director of Business Development. “This collaboration has been put together to initially serve the French industrial sector with a strategic range of precision engineered components.” 

As the global leader in the manufacture and design of Circlips, Retaining Rings and Wave Springs, Rotor Clip now expands its reach of products, engineering, and award-winning service to the market though LISI Automotive. Compiled with the added strength and reach of the LISI brands and product family, we’re bringing together two companies with established manufacturing and distribution facilities in the EU marketplace. 

“This new supply collaboration provides the marketplace with added supply chain stability, localized solutions and support, and market expertise,” says Ellison. “Today the French industrial sector now has access to the largest selection of coiled rings, wave springs and precision pressings/stamped components, all from one point of contact.”