ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS Continues to Invest in Digitalization
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ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS Continues to Invest in Digitalization

Industry 4.0 appears in every phase of our lives. There are many examples from the vacuum cleaners we use in our homes to the autonomous vehicles that are gradually becoming widespread. The rapid development of technology has made competition indispensable among companies and it contributes to the development of the sector by providing an advantage in the manufacturing sector. 

As ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS, we plan and implement digitalization steps to keep up changing trends. Parallel to this, we have successfully completed the CANIAS ERP version transition used in our company and have laid the foundations for compliance with INDUSTRY 4.0.

Environmental Policy Approach

By investing in technological infrastructure in every department of our company, studies are planned to set our company as an example to other companies in the sector in this transition. Contributing to the ISO 14001 Environmental Policy, which is not limited to the production area, will contribute to the carbon emission and zero waste project by using technologies that allow documents to be stored in the digital environment. The cockpit screens and user-friendly screens will be used in the related departments as we frequently see in the business world and it will provide ease of use for the staff. 

Industry 4.0

Creating added value by adapting to competitive conditions with INDUSTRY 4.0, which will ensure the production of the company with the least loss and have a share in the change trend of our world, is among our targets in the near term. Besides ERP development studies in the production area, infrastructure hardware investments were made in every point of each production department. 

In 2023, our main goal will be to establish and operate a facility infrastructure where instant data is received and processed in all areas of instant production, interpreted by artificial intelligence and losses and errors are minimized.

Developed Automation Solutions

Automation studies are also carried out in our equipment and machines in our company. It is used in tapping, vibratory feeding systems, pressing machines, assembly machines, mold manufacturing, storage operations, packaging machines, etc. in our production area. Automation and improvement studies in all areas of the company are successfully implemented with the contributions of our engineering department. In our project of adapting a 100% camera control system to automatic forming machines used in the production of fixing clips for the automotive and white goods sectors, the system was successfully operated on a machine selected as a pilot. 

A new automatic bolt assembly line design has been completed in the production of hose clamps and no problems have been detected in the trial productions. 

The automation line we developed for the production of DIN 3016 retaining clamps has taken its place in mass production as of April. The design of the servo-driven forming machine, which will be used in the production of the locking type pre-positioned fixing clamp, which is preferred especially by the fluid management system manufacturers in the automotive sector, continues and the project is planned to be transferred to the series in June.

Innovative Vision

Since 2020, our investments and product range have also increased in the plastic fasteners sector. Our aim and point of departure in our automation work is to adopt a non-consuming, value-adding approach to our suppliers and customers by complying with our "0" occupational accident target in Occupational Health and Safety and ISO 9001:14001 Environmental Policy. In this context, we do not just implement the solutions in the sector, we also harmonize them to our working culture.  We follow the sector and technology by innovative approaches and creates specific solutions (Hybrid use - combining the best solution options on a common ground) for our company. It has a management approach that produces its own automation solutions and aims to provide perspective to its employees on this issue.

By producing solutions in line with the demands and needs of the companies we supply, we support our machinery park with automation, hardware and software investments and so adapt to competitive conditions.
ARMA FIXING SYSTEMS with its innovative foresight and vision, it will continue to contribute to our country's exports by adapting to the developments in the sector.