An expert of JIS screws
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An expert of JIS screws

SUNCO INDUSTRIES - The Japanese Leading Master Distributor 

Sunco Industries Co., Ltd. is one of Japanese leading master distributor specializing in fasteners, handling a wide range of screws and fastener-related products. Especially it’s specialized in JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) products.

Founded in 1948, Osaka City based Sunco Industries, continues to serve with 455 employees under the chairmanship of Yoshihide Okuyama.

Industry-leading logistics system in Japan

Sunco can deliver speedily and accurately even one item with its logistics system that utilizes IT and new technologies. Customers can order products from just 1 PCS. 

The Higashi Osaka Logistics Center can ship about 51 million items per day. Huge Higashi-Osaka Logistics Center in Higashi-Osaka City has an immediate delivery system that enables the company to stock more than 200,000 types of high-quality fasteners made in Japan. If orders are placed by 16:00 (JST), shipment on the same day is available.

Sunco offers one-stop shopping for screws, enabling having as many screws as customers want, whenever they want.

Approximately 1.4 million types of items handled

While customers inquire about fasteners, the company is increasing the number of items it handles every day, so that they can meet all customers’ needs (especially JIS products). For this reason, Sunco works with more than 1,200 screw manufacturers in Japan and handles many private brand (PB) products.

Reliable Service

Sunco Industries Quality Assurance Department has been set up within the Higashi Osaka Logistics Center to implement acceptance inspections of products and maintain the quality. In addition, certificates of origin, mill sheets (material certifications), RoHS directive conformity certificates, drawings, standard tables, certificates and more can be issued according to customer needs. Packing lists in English are attached during the shipment of fasteners.

Products details, drawings and standards are on Sunco’s 3Qnet website and customers can check the latest inventory status in real time and place their orders on the spot. Using 3Qnet enables customers to smoothly conduct transactions.

Sunco Ind. is glad to help its customers who looking for fasteners (especially JIS, Japanese Industrial Standard products) made in Japan, like irregular-sized screws, unusual plated screws, fasteners of unusual materials and more.