Flávio Silva: 10 years as Böllhoff Brazil CEO
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Flávio Silva: 10 years as Böllhoff Brazil CEO

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

While the executive completes one decade on post, local industrial plant achieves 50 years, in Jundiaí town

A tested professional on the Brazilian fastener market, Flávio Silva took in 2012 the control as the CEO from local unit of Böllhoff Group.
"Even before the begging my career here, I already had great respect and admiration about the Böllhoff Group, specially by the sobriety, organization and efficiency", said the CEO, completing: "Among many points to highlight, during my period here, the implementation of the Lean Manufacturing methodology in our industrial plant was one most very successful improvement.  It resulted in considerably improved our competitiveness, essential to continue progressing in solutions for these work systems. And the teamwork cooperation was fundamental to be a well successful, said Silva. 

In Brazil since 1964, still with office in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, the Böllhoff Brazil had a big steep 50 years ago, after implanted of your current factory and offices in Jundiai town, 80 km distance from São Paulo City, SP, in 1972.