Brazilian fastener exports and imports in Q1 2022
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Brazilian fastener exports and imports in Q1 2022

by Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


During the first three months in 2022, Q1, the Brazilian export hit US$ 41,88 million, more than 9,5 thousand tons on volumes. Respectively were 34.8% and 22.2% superior to 2021, being US$ 4.38 the FOB price/kg. With share 32% Argentina has been the principal export destination from fasteners "Made in Brazil", followed by 15% to USA, 13% to Paraguay, 5.9% to France and 4% sent to Germany.

On another hand, the imports achieved US$ 253,23 million, with more than 55,5 thousand tons on volumes, respectively 11.7% and 9.8% above to 2021, with US$ 4.56 the FOB price/kg. China is the leader with share 32% from the total fasteners imported by Brazil, followed by 15% from USA, 8.7% from Japan, 8.6% from Germany, and 7.1% sent by Italy.