Bienvenidos a Teudeloff – Hola!
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Bienvenidos a Teudeloff – Hola!

As an internationally operating company, Teudeloff now also offers their information on the homepage for Spanish-speaking visitors worldwide. This reflects the high level of customer orientation, which Teudeloff is very proud of. Spanish-speaking customers, partners or interested parties can get a detailed overview of Teudeloff's core competencies and wide range of services.

"The website is an important communication platform for Teudeloff. In addition, the multilingualism of our employees is a decisive factor in our success, which is now also reflected on the homepage“, explains Ester Redondo, Managing Director of Teudeloff - we think ahead worldwide.

Join their little game of finding the Toro: 

Teudeloff is welcoming the first visitors of their Spanish website tell them via the contact form on which page you found the Toro and Torero and you will receive a surprise from the Teudeloff Team.


About Teudeloff

For more than 25 years, Teudeloff stands for high-quality tools for the production of screws. As a global player Teudeloff together with Tooling International Limited (TIL) and other partners, focuses on the highest performance in terms of geometry, tool life and delivery capability, paired with customer-oriented service. Teudeloff creates the right tooling concept for each customer individually according to the requirements for tools, service, stock and logistics. A coordinated warehouse and delivery system ensures a fast supply of tools. Customers appreciate these services and this makes Teudeloff a competent and reliable partner with fast response times. For many years, Teudeloff has become a main supplier to almost all well-known screw manufacturers in the automotive, aerospace, building, construction and industrial sectors. In addition to the core products Torx®, TorxPlus®, Six-Lobe, Phillips®, Pozi®, Hexagon, Multipoint, etc., Teudeloff supplies many other tools related to screw production.