Stafa Launches LogiBin®
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Stafa Launches LogiBin®

Stafa’s new and innovative logistic bin system helps  optimizing the supply chain! LogiBin® is a smart method to ensure that there are always enough fasteners in stock, without requiring a lot of space. It is based on Kanban, a proven method for organizing processes efficiently. LogiBin® is ideal for manufacturing companies in particular. A big advantage of this service is the fact that employees on the floor have direct insight into the status of an item via the RFID scan panel.

Through the use of RFID technology, keeping track of the stock on location is managed efficiently. Both the people on the work floor and those in the purchasing department have direct insight into the products ordered and their status. This provides clear insights and less unnecessary communication internally. Besides the clear insight, it is very important that the production process can run continuously. LogiBin® is based on the well-known Kanban principle and ensures having sufficient stock at all times to guarantee the production process.