KALELILER FASTENERS  - New Investments from Turkey’s  Growing Company
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KALELILER FASTENERS  - New Investments from Turkey’s  Growing Company

Kaleliler Fasteners, a growing manufacturing company of Turkey,  located in Ankara, is a reliable supplier of Steel Fasteners since 1995. Today, the company is serving its valuable clients from Turkey and Europe with 150 employees in a factory of 10.000 sqm.

Kaleliler has both cold forming and hot forging units and also mechanical production and produces within a wide range of M 12 – M 220; bolts, nuts, threaded rods and studs, special fasteners on-demand with drawings.

Process &Quality
All operations are performed under the control of production, process, and quality engineers beginning from incoming inspection for raw material to the final control of end product and packaging.

All dimensional and mechanical tests are done in the Quality Control Laboratory and registered in the ERP system. Despite having many test machines, Kaleliler purchased a friction test machine in 2021 which can perform the test including M 72 10.9 bolts which is now unique in Turkey.

Heat treatment and surface treatment are in-house and are done with good care and high quality.

Investments & Developments
Kaleliler Fasteners made a couple of important investments in the year 2021. 
One of them is a new Induction Heating Line, which will be used in the hot forging of the bolts within a range of M 24 – M 72. The line will be operated by robots so consistancy and serial production will be the result that will help to increase the quality and capacity.

Another valuable investment is a new hot-dip galvanizing line with a pretreatment unit included. The importance and advantage of this line are, pretreatment and surface cleaning are done by ultrasonic method and sandblasting since it is performed without acid usage, it is environment friendly and helps to avoid the risk of hydrogen embrittlement which is very important for especially 10.9 HV bolts with bigger dimensions. 

The coating is done by robots all in automatic, so has a good capacity of 40 tons/day and all parameters are under control and the process is highly stable. The line can work both in low and high temperatures depending on the related technical standards of EN 10684 and Dast 022.

Kaleliler Fasteners also invested in digitalization in the production units in 2021. In 2022 all production steps will be registered automatically in the ERP system, so the planning and analysis will be made more precisely. An increase in efficiency and capacity is expected as a result of this project.

Kaleliler is a growing company and believes in the importance of continuous improvement. During this growth,  Kaleliler Fasteners is also considering the value of nature and the employee so the company makes investments also to save the planet and improve the human resource quality with continuous training.