DIMAC – MCV0 – The quality of electric and electronic screws matters
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DIMAC – MCV0 – The quality of electric and electronic screws matters

The more and more the production of electric and electronic equipments by automatic assembly lines is demanding top quality screws, 100% inspected.

The Italian company developed a very high speed rotary table machine suitable for micro-screws in the range between M1,5mm up to M4 mm up to 25mm shank length.

MCV0 features a felxyble feeding system with interchangeable pick and place feeding rails dedicated to any size of screw and a rotary table 100mm outer diameter with optical and ndt stations.

The basic machine version includes:

•    a digital Head tTop Camera with brightfield coaxial illumination and software tools for the screw-head dimensional controls and the presence and shape of the head-socket
•    a side digital camera with backlight illumination which performs the screw side-profile analysis, for a full dimensional control of head diameter, head-height, shank diameter, shank length, thread major diameter, thread minor diameter, pitch of the thread, thread angle, raii and any other geometrical feature of the screw
•    output rates up to 1000 pcs/min

Dimac offer options to complete the MCV0 configuration :

•    Coaxial darkfield illumination for head top surface defect recognition and optical crack detection
•    Second head top-camera above the rotary table to split the head surface detection from the head dimensional controls
•    360° rotational station for the outer side profile dimensional controls extension to 360° up to 200pcs/min
•    Mechanical socket/recess presence and depth inspection up to 200pcs/min
•    Eddycurrent station for high speed material quality testing and heat treatment detection up to 400 pcs/min
•    Connectivity Pack – a desktop software suite for the machine remote supervision, programming off line, data collection
•    DRA+  – Dimac Remote Assistance pack with augmented reality functions available for smartphones or tablet and used for the prompt troubleshooting and maintenance by the Dimac service staff

To know more visit www.dimacsrl.com