Specific wire drawing, springs and screw companies were awarded.
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Bilanci d’acciaio: first awards presented In Lecco, ANCCEM was awarded for Springs, Eure Inox for drawn wire and Specialinsert Srl for screws 

Marco A. Guerritore 
Editor in Chief of Italian Fasteners Magazine


The lakeside appointment with “Bilanci d’Acciaio” obviously coincides with the presentation of awards to specific wire drawing, springs and screw companies.

Eure Inox of Peschiera Borromeo (Milan) won for wire drawing and the award was collected by the CEO Renato Nemfardi. Founded in 1997, the company occupies over 40 thousand square metres and employs more than 70 people. It produces around 15,000 tonnes per year and about 50% of the turnover is generated abroad.

The award for springs went to the trade association ANCCEM and was collected by past president Angelo Cortesi. Founded in 1972, the association is based in Brescia and represents 67% of Italian spring manufacturers and 82% of coil spring manufacturers. It promotes studies and research on production costs and organises annual workshops, where development strategies and models for spring factories are studied.

Lastly, in the screws sector, the President Piero Arduini collected the award that went to the Turin-based company, Specialinsert Srl. The company, founded in 1974, has over 60 employees and two production sites: one in Turin, 3,000 square metres, and one in Maerne di Martellago (Venice, 5,500 square metres). It produces over 100 million fastening systems annually and exports to more than 70 countries.

The jury awarding the prizes was chaired by Claudio Teodori, professor at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Brescia, and comprised Stefano Ferrari and Gianfranco Tosini, respectively head and member of the Siderweb Studies Office. To be included in the 2021 “Bilanci d’Acciaio” Study, companies must have had an annual production value for the 2019 financial year (the last year of the three-year period examined) above 2 million euros; while the indicators are:

1. Overall profitability ratio (ROA referring to the last available financial year).
2. Marginality rate on sales, identified as the ratio of EBITDA on sales (referring to the last available financial year).
3. Profitability of sales, identified as the ratio of EBIT on sales (for the last available financial year).
4. Ratio of financial charges on EBITDA (for the last available financial year).
5. Total debt ratio, identified as the ratio of debt to equity (for the last financial year available).
6. Turnover growth rate (average of the last three years).