Brazilian Steel Industry Wins World Metallurgy Award 2021
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Brazilian Steel Industry Wins World Metallurgy Award 2021

Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos

The Aço Verde do Brasil long steel division  was recognized in the main industry award.

On October last, the Global Metals Awards, from S&P Global Platts, announced his current awarders, inside which appear the Aço Verde do Brasil (AVB). With his production of long carbon neutral steel, the Brazilian Steel Industry, a subsidiary of Ferroeste Group, was recognized at the main awards for the sector.

Among the main products manufactured at his plant - located in northeast Brazil region, in Açailândia town, Maranhão State - include wire rods and rebars (CA-50 and CA-60). With more than 2,300 employees, the company becoming the first steel mill in the world to produce carbon neutral steel, won in the ESG Development category. 

The AVB's gas emission values for steel production for the years 2019 and 2020 were respectively 0.06 and -0.04 ton of CO2 per ton of crude steel. Another 11 companies competed in the same category, including Alcoa, JLW Steel, Rio Tinto and Posco.

"The carbon neutral certification and this award were just our first steps. We will continue to invest in the implementation of innovations with a new plant to produce briquette of co-products for use in our blast furnaces, aiming to be the first carbon neutral and zero residue plant, with 100% of solid residues being reused in such operations", said Sandro Raposo, the AVB Industrial Director.

Unfortunately, due the Covid pandemic, the AVB staff avoid the trip to ceremony, held in London, UK, it's up to the General Secretary of the International Iron Metallics Association, John Atherton, to get the Award.