The sun shines again for trade fairs in Brazil
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The sun shines again for trade fairs in Brazil

Sergio Milatias 
Editor in Chief of Revista do Parafusos


Successful, the Intersolar South America 2021 scored the rebirth of fairs and congresses.

The Covid pandemic placed the uncertainty as the only answer in times recent, especially if treat something about events in which the relationship personal is the success key. So, we can describe as bold and "pioneering" the action of the organizers and the exhibitors of the event dedicated to solar energy sector, the Intersolar South America to be able to hold the first trade fair since March 2020.

Months before, the exhibitor companies had to sign the agree to put their teams and investments in event without know if it will happen or not, a common question around world, especially in Brazil the was deeply hit by so infected and, mainly, deaths.

However, the vaccination in Brazil has been a big successful, with high acceptance level, and the cases already was in deep fall when the Intersolar was held, in October 18-20, in São Paulo City, SP.

The 2021 edition had a little more than 250 exhibitors and around 28 thousand visitors from 29 countries. Among the exhibitors, some of main fasteners companies with local factories and or offices – including ARaymond, BelEnergy (from Belenus Group), Boltinox, Inox-Par, LuduFix, Max Del, Walsywa and other – showed its news on products and services to this emergent and highly promissor sector, still almost unexplored in Brazil with a big potential to business in next 5 and 10 years.