CAMO® EDGEXMETAL® Clips Win 2021 Pro Tool Innovation Award
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CAMO® EDGEXMETAL® Clips Win 2021 Pro Tool Innovation Award

CAMO® EDGEXMETAL® Clips, part of the CAMO family of innovative products to help build a better deck, has won the 2021 Pro Tool Innovation Award (PTIA) in the Hidden Fastener category. Recognizing the most innovative construction products available, the awards are judged by a panel of general contractors, electricians, carpenters and media professionals.

The 2021 PTIA judges summed up CAMO EDGEXMETAL’s top features: “Current hidden fasteners for grooved deck installations on metal substructure are slow, hard to use, and expensive. Time is money, and now you can save more time with EDGEXMETAL Clips—one-pass fasteners for installing grooved boards on any 14–18GA metal framing, including Fortress Evolution.” “We're very excited to earn a Pro Tool Innovation Award for our EDGEXMETAL Clips,” said W. Scott Baker, CEO, National Nail. “We’ve seen more deck builders using metal framing as wood prices soared, and EDGEXMETAL Clips help save time and labor on grooved deck installations on metal framing at any angle.”

CAMO EDGEXMETAL Clips offer the same one-pass fastening technology as CAMO EDGEX® Clips for wood framing, featuring wings that grip into the groove of the board with no partial installation required. Each EDGEXMETAL Clip features a stainless-steel gusset that holds deck boards down to reduce lateral movement and a drill point screw that engages quickly. Included in every pail of EDGEXMETAL Clips is CAMO’s NEVER-MISS™ Guide which works with any hand drill for an installation that’s 2X faster than other fasteners. Deck builders can also use the CAMO DRIVE™ stand-up fastening tool for up to 5X faster installation. EDGEXMETAL Clips are backed by a CAMO warranty to match the longevity of the boards and substructure when installed according to CAMO guidelines.