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Dimac L-Box: a packaging solution for 100% quality

Packaging the fasteners inline with the 100% inspection & sorting equipment is recommended by Dimac to guarantee the total quality, performance, and usability of the products.

Indeed, a fastener packaging system does more than just package fasteners: it accurately fills the specified package with the correct amount of conforming parts – as requested by the final customer - directly after inspection, avoiding any external contamination.

L-Box is Dimac’s state-of-the-art automatic packing machine that answers the increased demand for versatile boxing equipment in the fasteners sorting departments.

The L-Box is designed to combine with Dimac 100% inspection machines as a turnkey solution that provides a complete working cell where the control cycle ends with the parts packaged to be delivered or stored into the company stock.

The layout of L-BOX can be customized upon customer demand to handle a wide range of containers with different lengths, widths, and heights. It can also be plugged to any other master sorting equipment to perform a slave boxing cycle by key-switching to auto mode.

Dimac L-Box setup is controlled by a very intuitive, user-friendly panel, equipped with manual and automatic commands. A conveyor belt brings in the empty containers under the adjustable filling chute, whilst the filled containers are fed out by gravity through a free-rollers track to be unloaded.

The operator task is limited to enter empty containers in L-Box and unload the filled ones.

Sensors are fitted to prevent box collisions or wrong container positioning, while alarms display from where any problem is coming from (i.e. conveyor belt or pneumatic cylinders), making it very simple to troubleshoot.

Dimac L-Box speeds up the factory automation and logistic, positively influencing the processes and abating time and costs.