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The BECK Group Diamond-Coated Joist Hanger Nails

Beck Group is now applying its patented Diamond Coating to its, code report-backed, Joist Hanger Nails. They have learned from extensive testing that, when using diamond-coated nails, they provide up to 25% greater holding power than nails with traditional coatings. The expansion elements in the diamond coating diminish the friction between the fastener & the wood material. As a result of this reduced friction, the fastener destroys fewer wood fibers, allowing more contact surface which results in increased withdrawal values.

Diamond coat reduces the amount of drive energy required to sink the fastener. This reduces stress on the operator, or in this case the builder. Reducing required drive energy also allows smaller tools to be used and creates less demand on a compressor, increasing equipment life expectancy. The added benefit is dramatically higher holding power. 

Beck has been applying Diamond coating to SCRAIL® SubLoc Pro to help create squeak-free subfloor installations and to our Diamond Coat Extreme fencing staples to create the strongest holding agricultural staples in the world. They have also put it on their code-compliant jumbo nails (all nails from 4” -6-3/8”) to make nails drive easier and create connections strong for purlin and girders that the nail will have to be cut to pull wood off.