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HIOS develops micro screw for “Intrtorque”

by Shun Otsuki
President & Editor in Chief KINSAN FASTENER NEWS


HIOS (Tokyo, Japan) has added micro screws to its “Intrtorque” series of special recessed screws, which are ideal for automated screw tightening systems using robots. The company is aiming to expand the use of the product in the precision equipment field by sequentially manufacturing and selling the product.

Intrtorque is a fastener with a hexalobular recess that prevents cam-out, and a super point on the bit side that guides the tip of the bit to the center of the screw to prevent wobble.

This time, They have developed M1.2 to M2.0 micro screws that use Intertorque. By utilizing the performance of Intertorque as it is, the company has made automation and manual fastening practical for this size. According to the company, there are no actual examples of hexalobular of the same size, not even at the prototype level. Intertorque, which has a high affinity with the automation of screw tightening, will be adopted in the precision equipment field, where the market is expanding due to the increasing use of IT for nest egg demand.

The reason why Intertorque is ideal for automation is that it has a guide and lock function that prevents tightening errors due to its high mating performance and stability, and because it can tighten only in the rotational direction, it does not require thrust, making it possible to downsize the robot. In addition, the bit wear is significantly reduced and can be numerically controlled to be replaced when it reaches a certain number of times, and when combined with the electric screwdriver BLG-BC2 series, which transmits fastening data in real time, it is possible to achieve a comprehensive digitalization of screw fastening. This is one of the main features of the new system.

This system has already been adopted in the fields of smartphones, in-vehicle equipment, and PCs. By automating screw tightening, the company will accelerate the shift to DX in the factory lines of precision equipment manufacturers.