Developing smart machines for the automotive industry
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Developing smart machines for the automotive industry

5 Taiwan Firms Introduced Smart Machines They Produced for the Development of the Automotive Industry

5 Taiwanese companies developing smart machines for the automotive industry, presented their new products to the sector online with the launch of “How to Develop the Automotive Industry with Smart Manufacturing in Taiwan?” 

Taiwan's leading companies in the industry, Axisco Precision Machinery, Chering Jin Technolog, Genn Dih, Ming-jing Tech and Palmary, which came together under the leadership of Taiwan Foreign Trade Development Board (TAITRA) and Precision Machinery Research and Development Center (Precision Machinery Research and Development Center) Machinery introduced their newly developed smart machines used in the automotive industry and the benefits of these products to the industry at the online launch held on, September 22, 2021 in Turkey.