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A modern look with clever façade technology

fischer undercut and heavy-duty anchors secure façade at Delta Holding new construction in Belgrade

The new Delta House was under construction in Belgrade. Approximately 20,000 fischer undercut anchors FZP II T PA provide a secure and concealed fastening of the SwissPearl fibre cement panels on the modern building envelope. The fixing solution combines a high-quality look with simple in-stallation and a permanent, firm hold. An additional 8,000 fischer FBN II bolt anchors were used to anchor the façade substructure in concrete.

Delta Holding is one of Serbia’s most significant economic factors and one of the largest investors in region. The holding company performs a variety of services, such as in the agricultural sector, in real estate and wholesale. The new headquarter is now providing room for further growth and includes a new office building that was completed between 2019 and July 2021. Fibre cement panels provide a modern and distinguished look to the building’s rearventilated façade. The client was Delta House from Belgrade. Centroprojekt d.o.o from Belgrade was the planning and engineering office responsible for the project, which the Belgrade construction companies Energoprojekt Visokogradnja a.d. and Dma Koping d.o.o. were also involved in. 

fischer undercut anchors allow the façade panels to be securely anchored without being visible from the exterior. The undercut anchors provide the building with a harmonious look while enabling simple and quick installation. The FZP II T PA version was used on the project. This fischer Zykon panel anchor is particularly suitable for concealed fastenings of thin fibre cement façade panels and is therefore especially well suited for the intended use in Belgrade. The fischer FZP II was used in versions FZP II 11 x 5 M6/T/11 PA and FZP II 11 x 5 M6/T/13 PA. 

“Rivets and screws tend to be visible when fastening fibre cement panels to façades. This isn't the case with our Zykon panel anchor FZP II T PA, as the fastening points on the external façade panel are concealed”, says Alen Ilic, Technical Consultant at the Austrian subsidiary of the fischer Group of Companies. “This is enabled by the form-fit fastening without expansion pressure in the conical undercut drill hole. Thanks to its short geometry and additional technical features, the FZP II T PA can be used in thin panels with a thickness of 8 mm and up”. 

The anchor was used with an embedment depth of 5 mm in fibre cement panels by SwissPearl measuring approx. 8 mm during the construction of the new office building at Delta Holding’s headquarters. By placing the anchor on the reverse side of the panel using undercut technology, the ideal static position can be selected, which prevents the fibre cement panels from deflecting. Together with the anchor’s optimum static fastening, the form-fit and expansion-free anchorage provides high retention forces and allows large panel formats to be used.

The fischer undercut drill FZPB 11T CNC-DIA from fischer’s allin-one system was used to fasten the rear-ventilated façade during the drilling operation with CNC drilling machines. They guarantee optimal cutting behaviour thanks to polycrystalline diamonds. As a component of the fischer FZP II undercut anchor approval, they are suitable for drilling in panel materials (HPL, fibre cement etc) using the dry drilling method.

The stainless steel fischer bolt anchor FBN II 12/10 was used in order to securely transfer the loads of the façade substructure into the concrete supporting structure. The heavy-duty anchor allows fastenings to be carried out with a high degree of economic efficiency, while its long thread and two anchoring depths allow a flexible range of applications.

“One of the reasons we impressed our client is the fact we are already firmly established as an expert in the field of all-in-one systems for rear-ventilated façades. We also benefited from being recommended by SwissPearl and our excellent contacts with planners and construction firms”, states Alen Ilic. In addition to suitable product solutions, the fixing specialist also supported its client with a comprehensive range of services. Alen Ilic summarises: “We have successfully accompanied our client throughout various stages of construction, from planning and consultation to support on the construction site to successfully carrying out installations until the project was completed”.

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