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Atotech celebrates 25th anniversary of Atotech Korea Ltd.

Atotech, a leading specialty chemicals technology company and a market leader in advanced electroplating solutions, celebrated the 25th anniversary of Atotech Korea Ltd. on May 2021.

Geoff Wild, Atotech CEO: “Today, 25 years after launching operations, Atotech Korea Ltd. is a strong contributor to Atotech’s success globally and an indispensable and trusted partner for many of Atotech’s customers, especially in the Asian market. I am proud of what our employees have achieved during this time and I am even more excited to continue on this path of success with them.”

Atotech operations in Korea commenced in 1993, when the company opened a sales and service branch office of Atotech Asia Pacific in South Korea, staffed with eight employees. In response to growing markets and increasing demand, Atotech founded its Korean entity, Atotech Korea Ltd., in 1996. The company added another major milestone in 2006, when it inaugurated its new chemical production plant and TechCenter in the city of Jangan. Meanwhile, the staff base in Korea had increased to 80 professionals. Five years later in 2011, the company was able to revamp and expand its TechCenter, and in 2018 equipped it with a class 1000 clean room for the production of high-grade chemistry for Fan-out Panel Level Package applications for the semiconductor market. Today, Atotech employs over 110 employees in Korea, and the Atotech Jangan plant and TechCenter have more than doubled their sales and more than quadrupled production output since their inauguration.

John Stephenson, Atotech’s Chief Operations Officer: “During Atotech Korea’s successful history, there have been many important milestones that have led us to where we are today. We serve our customers with products of the highest quality and repeatable performance. Atotech Korea is a great example for this. I want to thank everyone for these extraordinary achievements and progress.”

Atotech Korea Ltd. continues to be an essential contributor in Atotech’s journey of becoming even more digital, innovative, and data-driven, while developing into a leader in sustainability. Yungbum Kim, Managing Director of Atotech Korea said, “During the current challenging times, we continue to offer high level of support to our customers. Last year, we introduced HoloLens devices, which enable us to provide remote assistance for our customers whenever required. We are also actively building a paperless work environment in our laboratories and continue to engage in further digitalization activities to improve our work efficiency.”