US$ 457 million imported on fasteners in first semester
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US$ 457 million imported on fasteners in first semester

Brazilian companies bought 67% from total in compare same period 2020

Ended the first semester, the Brazilian Ministry of Industry and Commerce recorded more than US$ 457 million in imports of fasteners (on steel, iron, and other metals). This total value is 32.1% higher than the same semester 2020. In volumes, it was 98,650.51 tonnes (t), 59.3% superior from January-June last year.

Such as already published in this same column, throughout 2020 the imports cost US$ 683.63 million, with 125,068.4 t.
In values, the Mainland China, sure, remains itself at the top among the ten largest fastener supplier countries, with 23% of share on this market in Brazil. After, comes: USA, 16%; Germany, 11%; Japan, 9.9%; Italy, 9.7%; France, 4.4%; Taiwan, 3.9%; South Korea, 3.2%; Sweden 3.0% and India 2.3%.

At the same time, in first semester the fastener Brazilian exports achieved US$ 66.31 million, just 1.5% growth. However, due the high currency depreciation, the real, occurred a high expansion on volumes, 246.5%, with 35,744.99 t.
During 2020 was exported 26,925.62 t of fasteners, with revenue of US$ 136.81 million.

Among the ten largest fastener customer nations from Brazil the Argentina is the top in values, with share of 28%. USA is the second with 18%. Paraguay is next, with 11%; France, 6.7%; Germany, 4.6%; Bolivia, 3.9%; Uruguay, 2.9%; Mexico, 2.8%; Chile, 2.5%; Colombia and India tied, 2.4%.