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Dimac connectivity solutions to boost quality processes full potential 

Dimac uses remote connectivity to provide customers all around the world machine commissioning, upgrades, programming and setup support, training conferences as well as improved factory quality control and management features.

Developed by Dimac R&D, the Connectivity Pack is a business intelligence solution that integrates and connects all customer’s Dimac 100% inspection & sorting pieces of equipment connected to the factory network.

The software suite is used by the Dimac staff to perform machine pre-acceptances prior to machine shipment and final acceptances when the machine is installed at customer’s site.

The advanced graphic desktop of the Dimac Connectivity Pack allows the remote monitoring of the sorting department in real time, machine status and sorting cycle information are displayed with a click on each machine icon.

The inspection plans can be edited by remote and uploaded in the machine memory without interrupting the current sorting cycle, prior to changeover to the next part number to sort.

Machines programming and sorting cycle planning can be organized from the quality control office by remote, even with a smartphone or a tablet. Statistic data and relevant measurements can be exported to the company ERP.

Dimac software & applications, like the Connectivity Pack, are plug & play and multilingual suites, compatible with the most common Operating Systems.