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100% inspection: a near future vision

Increasing automation and the latest regulatory compliance requirements for fasteners have led manufacturers to reevaluate the 100% inspection and sorting concept, which in the production process is a key part to guarantee a reliable supply of high-quality products to customers. 
Automotive, aerospace, electrical engineering, precision mechanics, and optics are the sectors where the most advanced technologies are applied in the process of producing fasteners, so the same level of technology is expected from suppliers to prevent the production of defective parts through state-of-the-art inspection & sorting solutions. 
Dimac constantly invests in R&D to meet this demand, and one of the results is the introduction in MCVx vision software of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to allow and improve the inspection of surface defects that only the human eye could detect and judge. Any cylindrical and flat surface of the part can be scanned with lasers and digital cameras to recognize any small discrepancies in the piece. The goal is to fully replace the human manual sorting, to reduce costs, and obtain a more reliable control. 

Moreover, AI algorithms integrate with company ERP systems to exchange a large amount of data regarding every single batch of fasteners, including measured characteristics, attribute defects, and statistical calculations, tracking statistics about everything regarding the quality of every single fastening element produced.

Dimac is also integrating new technologies in the development of an innovative “machine as a service” solution for the sharing of 100% automatic inspection & sorting equipment for fasteners to all those companies that need to improve the capacity of their production departments. With the servitization, Dimac aims to transform the business model by integrating a product service system instead of purchasing new production equipment. The product service would be accessible through a cloud ICT infrastructure for the remote management of the activity, ensuring certainty and measurability concerning control performance, reliability, and cost.

Last but not least, Dimac has even implemented technological solutions for prompt service support: DRA+ is an app, available for tablets and smartphones, with which any customer in the world can call for remote support through a protected live video chat with Dimac Service. Accessing the operator’s smartphone camera, Dimac technical staff can film or snapshot the situation as well as provide aid written or drawn instructions by augmented reality tools which are displayed on the visor of the operator, who don’t need to wait for a technical visit on site.