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Dimac SPC-EVO: more data collected. less time to control on retaining rings

Retaining rings are crucial for automotive, aerospace, electrical engineering, precision mechanics, optics and electrical industries applications. Pre-eminently safety elements for shafts, bores or bearings, they demand authentic excellence warranty.

The production process for these parts involves several figures/tools each cycle. Tool wear must be kept under control to prevent the production of defective parts, a real time monitoring through Statistical Process Control is the best way to achieve top quality products, forecasting the progress of production and intervening with the logic of continuous improvement.

Dimac SPC-EVO is the automatic mobile unit designed for SPC control of flat parts like retaining rings, directly in the shopfloor beside the production machinery. It is robust and mobile through its pivoting wheels, extremely user friendly and it doesn’t require technical skills to be run.

The measurement is automatic - fast and accurate like in the metrology room – performed on multiple parts. Dimac SPC-EVO allows to control between 5 to 20 parts in a row, which are fed in by interchangeable blisters filled off-line with the parts to be controlled, introducing important savings in time and costs.

Parts in the blister are fed into Dimac SPC-EVO rotary glass table, where SPC dimensional and surface inspection is performed on both faces of each part by high-resolution digital cameras with bi-telecentric optics and dedicated illuminators.

Real time display of the measurements trend, defects of aspect and collection of statistic data are shared in real-time with the company ERP system, allowing to detect immediately any deviation from the process trend and to apply the corrective actions.